Author: Lalit Wadhwa

Musemee Clip in action0

Musemee Clip In-Depth Review

Everybody who has a tripod at a point has thought about hacks to hold your phone in the tripod. There are many cellphone mount to attach to your tripod in the market but they...

Mi Band 20

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 In-Depth Review

Xiaomi launched another fitness tracker the Mi band 2 few months ago. It was an improvement to their Mi Band 1s with a added display and a rather more appealing design. The Mi band 1s was...

Zenfone 3 Max0


Plugging in your phone because its low on battery is a sight which we seen a lot these days. As a result Asus unveiled the Zenfone Max and shortly thereafter the updated Zenfone Max. Diversifying the...