1More Piston Fit earphones review: Good performance on a budget

1More has been growing a lot lately and has become a really popular brand in the headphones segment. The company offers some good quality audio products for a relatively cheaper price. 1More has recently launched the 1More Piston Fit earphones for Rs. 999 and here is our full review of the headphones.

1More Piston Fit Design

The 1More Piston Fit earphones flaunt an aluminium design. The design of the headphone does shout premium and looks pretty durable as well. The Piston Fit is available in Space Grey, Silver, Rose Gold and Blue colour variants. While the Space Grey variant looks more subtle, the other colour variants look attractive.

1More Piston Fit Review 2

To offer a great fit, 1More decided to go in with a 45-degree titled angle for the ear tips. This does offer a lot more comfort and grip than expected. Connecting the earphones to your audio source is a 1.25-meter cable made out of soft rubber with Kevlar fibre wrapping providing durability.

1More Piston Fit Specifications and Features

The 1More Piston Fit earphones come with a Dynamic Driver unit providing a Frequency Response of 20Hz – 20,000Hz. The headphones provide an Impedance rating of 32 Ohms and sensitivity of 100 dB/mW.

1More Piston Fit earphones also come with an inline microphone and a single button remote for answering calls and controlling media playback. Here we felt that the company could have provided the volume controls as well. At the end of the cord, there is a gold-plated 3.5-mm headphone jack.

1More Piston Fit Performance

When it comes to headphones, the performance is as important as its comfort and durability. We tested out the 1More Piston Fit with multiple devices like laptops and smartphones. The audio output from these headphones was decent enough. However, we did feel that the headphones were weak when it came to delivering bass. Also, we did feel that listening to music at around 85% volume felt much better. These results can also sometimes vary on the device you choose as the audio source.

To sum things up, the 1More Piston Fit offers great highs and mids while the headphones did struggle with the bass a bit. Considering the price, we won’t complain much about the bass aspect as the company is also offering a great design and build.


1More Piston Fit In-Ear earphones offer a lot for its price. The headphones can possibly be called one of the best earphones available under Rs. 1,000. Though you might have noticed us complaining a bit about the bass, rest everything is really good about these headphones. The addition of volume controls could just have been an icing on the cake.

It is also worth mentioning that long pressing the button on the microphone fires up the voice assistant. This comes really handy when you need the Google Assistant/Siri to do some tasks or switch tracks.

Overall, at the price of Rs. 999 the 1More Piston Fit can be a great choice.


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