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About Beetel Bite

Welcome to BeetelBite.com this page will tell you About Our Website – Beetel Bite is a website which provides technological reviews, analyses and gives various tutorials.

Why Beetel Bite?

Our website is providing people with the latest tech reviews like mobiles, cameras, etc.. Our website is dedicated towards helping people in making their crucial decisions and to stay up to date with the gadget gallery all over the world.

About How it all started

beetelbite.com was started as we saw many people confused while selecting their tech related products, queries and many of them or almost all of them getting the wrong products for themselves. We could not see that happening so we decided to help a few and after some time whenever someone wanted to buy a new gadget they would always consult us. We were very happy to help everyone we knew in need but we wanted something more so we started with a rough idea on paper and pen while a boring meetup and we ended up with this website to help everyone in need.

About The Goal

The main aim of this website is to help people choose the right product for them and keep themselves up to date with every new technology that comes in the market. We think of ourselves asĀ generous guides and so we cannot see people go into the wrong path as per it sticks to our niche, we will guide them.

About Our Team

Karan Arora

Karan Arora is a student, and a tech enthusiast. Currently pursuing his studies in New Delhi.

He made the idea of Beetel Bite come true as he was standing there and supporting from when the website was in it’s initial stages and till now.

This is the all in one person for our website from the CEO to a worker.

Devesh Arora

Devesh Arora is one of the partners in Beetel Bite and contribute to it sometimes.

He is the person whom you may thank for a few very interesting and very helpful articles which people like you have liked very much.

He is the person you may sometimes see behind the backend, but not that frequently.

Devesh Arora is also a student, pursuing his studies in Punjab.

And Many More in our Team



Beetel Bite was started on the 8th of Dec, 2012 and fro then we have achieved alot like recognition and good ranks over the internet.

Before we started Beetel Bite we had us pondering over many niches and we were jumping through the as it was a trampoline, but soon Karan Arora our Founder focused us on an topic and made us fully focused on this website. We all thought that it was for fun but when he channelized us, we knew that he aimed us in the right direction and, here we are now helping a lot more people that we ever could have done and thus in return getting internal happiness and self satisfaction.

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