7 Awesome reader apps for your Android device

It is not that the Android operating system is terrible at presenting you with eBooks. It is pretty good at opening a lot of them, and the interface is not too bad. But, there are some people who want a little bit more. They want better visualizations when they read, they want better indexing and libraries, and they want readers that are able to read a wider variety of file types. The list below is made up for readers that can do one or more of those things if you download and install them onto your tablet (and phone in some cases)

1. Sony Reader

This is a free app that is able to read ePublications and PDF files. It is able to read kindle books and the like, and it is very good at allowing you to buy new books from different places. You can do things such as highlight text too, which is an option that a lot of readers do not offer. You can download pre-purchased books too, which is something that all of the reader apps should do.


2. Bluefire Reader

It is a free app that you can use to read electronic books. It can definitely read most ePub books with PDF or DRM, but the marketing blurb says that it can handle any publication you throw at it. This is not exactly a wild claim, but it is unexpected for a free app. The compatibility thing means that you can download books from a few different websites and have no problems reading them. It is good in a lot of ways, with on a fiddly “back” button being a flaw. It takes you back to the library, which is not what most people expect when they press “back.”


3. IReader

Yes this is an app that will work for your Android, and it may be found on the Google Play website/store. It is an odd app as it has won a Russian speaking award, even though it is a Chinese design. Nevertheless, it is an app that will allow you to read books on your tablet or your Android phone. It is pleasing to look at and it has a pretty nice bookshelf function that puts a little more of a sentimental feeling back into the reader. It also has a very pleasing page flipping function too that makes reading a little more as if you are reading a book and less like you are reading a stale PDF.


4. Moon + Reader

There is a free and a paid version that you can use. It feels nicely advanced so that you feel like you are getting something for your money. It has listed features on the user interface that allow you to change fonts or color schemes as well as the meat-and-potatoes stuff such as increasing and decreasing the brightness of your reader and the book on your reader. It has a file explorer and a library function that makes finding your books a little easier and a little more visually pleasing.


5. FB Reader

This has nothing to do with Facebook. Its name comes from the XML-format FB2. It is the format that is more commonly associated with electronic books and e-publication. You can choose between a number of modules on the Google Play store. You can also play with the visualizations that tell you what is in your library. You can also sort your library based on authors or genre (there are a bunch of other options you can play with too). You can play with the fonts and the background if you want to make the app a little more personalized.


6. Aldiko Book Reader

This is a good app because they have taken the time to mix functionality with visuals. Some of them make your book look clinical, dry or stale on your screen which makes it a slightly less stimulating read. Then there are those that have so many bells and whistles that it is hard to concentrate on the book itself. This reader has found a nice way of mixing the two up. You can also use the one-click download function, and sorting through your library is very easy too.


7. Cool Reader

This is an app that allows you to read books on your tablet device. It also allows you to transfer your books over to your desktop computer too, which is something that a lot of apps do not offer. On the other hand, there are often easier ways of transferring books over, such as emailing them to yourself. It has a lot of nice functions so that you can personalize your viewing and your reading to how you like it, such as adjusting the background settings and the brightness, etc. It also allows you a number of ways to search out the books you want to read from your library.

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