Amazon Inc. brings its business marketplace to Britain

Amazon Inc. today launched its much-awaited business marketplace in Britain. Thus, every business in Britain can now utilize the marketplace. To buy products like office supplies, lab equipment, power tools, cleaning materials, and much more. By introducing this marketplace in Britain, they are targeting the online business sector worth around $120.44 billion per year.

Image Courtesy: Adam Matan

Amazon B2B marketplace now in Britain

Amazon had started this business marketplace in the United States in April 2015. Which in turn led them to achieve $1 billion sales in the states in the first year itself. And after four months they opened a similar marketplace in Germany.

The company issued a statement saying that this business site would be serving everyone in the business sector. Ranging from the sole traders to multi-national corporations. And they aim to provide these services to universities, hospitals, and charities also.

The business-to-business(B2B) market that currently is in Britain was estimated to be worth 96.5 billion pounds by the Office for National statistics data. And Amazon wants to be the biggest player in the B2B market.


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