Apple iPhone 7 : Pictures, Pricing, And Colors Leaked

Apple iPhone 7 Leaked before its expected in September Launch

The Apple iPhone 7 images, pricing and colors leaked online, which confirm various rumours that were going on for a long time, so let’s see what all is revealed in the leaks.


Apple iPhone 7 leaked images reveal it’s color options (Source: Macitynet)

Image Leak:

As seen in the picture above thanks to Macitynet we see that the iPhone will come in 4 colors and that is Gold, Rose Gold, Grey, Silver. And the images also show that the design has not changed much from the iPhone 6 just the antennas are repositioned and the camera bump is huge(let’s just hope that the camera lens is sapphire glass).

iphone 7

Apple iPhone leaked image reveals it will feature a new antenna design and a large camera bump

Lightning Earpods:

Apple also is said is going to drop the 3.5mm jack for the thinness of the phone and is going to replace the jack with the lightning earpods.


Apple iPhone 7 is going to drop headphone jack in favour of a lightning earpods (Source: Weibo)

This maybe the next step for Apple but people will be reluctant in throwing away their expensive headphones they bought to replace the not so good quality earphones provided with your phone or laptop.

Price Leaks:

Weibo also leaked that the price of the Apple iPhone 7 will start at Yuan 5288 for 32GB, while the iPhone 7 Pro will start at 7088 Yuan.

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