BlackBerry working on the most secure Android OS yet

BlackBerry has always been proud about the security advantage of their Operating System over the years. But that time has passed with the rigidity and lack of apps on the BB platform. Now, the company might just be back for their resurgence. The Canadian giant announced that they will be killing off their own BB OS10, and working on Android for their new devices. BlackBerry has recently signed brand-licensing deals with Optiemus in India, giving the right to design, manufacture and sell BB devices using the BlackBerry name. They have a similar partnership with TCL globally.

BlackBerry KEYone 2

BlackBerry working on launching BB Secure

Reports coming out of ET Telecom are that BlackBerry is preparing to launch BlackBerry Secure, our most loved Android with BlackBerry security features. ET reports that the Canadian Tech firm is working on various contracts to work with different manufacturers and we could expect some announcements soon.

Alex Thurber, Company's Vice President of Mobility solutions reckons that under the licensing deals OEMs will be able to ship the devices with a better more secure version of Android, which will give you the real BlackBerry experience in the future we were all drooling for.

He added that with the development of BlackBerry Secure, they have huge potential to get in multiple markets involving Android devices most notably the Smart TVs which are run on Android. BlackBerry Secure could be a major boost in that market for the security of the consumer.

Thurber said, "We have started talks with some medical manufacturers. John Chen talks about TVs- the market has amazing amount of products running on Android and since we can Secure Android, we see huge potential. We have a specific plan and we are working on it. It's important to bring security into every element of enterprise of things."

We are very excited to see what lies ahead of BlackBerry, in every industry, they step in and with the increase in identity theft and different cyber crimes, it is vital for us to focus on our security when we spend most of our time online.


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