Surface RT VS iPad – Pros and Cons

Cloud computing is often used to represent the Internet, specifically in the flowcharts and diagrams. It is a technology that uses remote servers in order to keep up facts, figures, applications and anything that involves around delivering hosted service on the Internet. Basically, cloud computing enables consumers and business owners to use applications without installing and accessing their files on a computer. This creates a well-organized computing by integrating data storage, processing and communication rate.

Surface RT Pro’s And Con’s

Surface RT is a Microsoft-like tablet that has a lot of cool applications used for surfing on the Internet. It enables you to read PDF files and can help accomplish various tasks including research works without bringing your personal computer. For people who travel a lot, it is also nice to have this laptop based computer as it is much convenient to bring along.

The best thing about Surface RT is that its Office applications work well with SkyDrive, a Microsoft’s cloud storage solution. Users can also take advantage of some apps that work with DropBox, an application that lets you get an easy access to your stored data online.

It is impossible to install applications like Adobe Photoshop and Spotify on Surface RT. The reason for this is that RT uses Windows 8 software that is based on the mobile processor. It is a blessing in disguise, though, since the chances of getting a virus is zero. Additionally, Surface RT is very light on iOs and android applications. It would also need some TLC and a few updates to smooth rough edges.

iPad Pro’s and Con’s

Ipad is popular tablet with loads of applications which can be very useful for everyone. With its remarkable iCloud application, it would be very easy to manage your content and get updates everywhere you go. Some of the applications which can help your business include calendar, contacts & mail, documents in the Cloud, iBooks, Backup and restore, and Dropbox. Ipad also has higher capacity batter that enables you to enjoy every moment for a long period.

Some unimpressive things about Ipad includes getting warm when used, some applications eat up the storage, front camera is not HD, and has no face time calls over LTE. But overall, this tablet is still one of the best in the market today.

Surface RT vs iPad

With most people looking for valuable applications for businesses, it is inevitable to compare these two, as to which one stands out. If you are looking for better cloud computing applications, it could be much better to choose Ipad over Surface RT. The primary reason for this is that Ipad supports various business-oriented applications than Surface RT. Ipad also has cool applications than Surface, in terms of business or gaming. Using Ipad is also more convenient since it is much lighter in weight compared to Surface. The best thing about Surface RT, however, is that it is invulnerable to viruses. If you want to protect your files, it would be good to choose Surface over Ipad.

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