Efficiency of Custom Server Racks for Housing Network Hardware

A server rack or IT cabinet offers many advantages to the users, so that one can house the network hardwares with stability, comfort and improved effectiveness for reduced cost. Server racks are generally customised for making it wall mount, or changing its locking system to a combination type or for including built-in accessories, such as shelves, cooling systems, cable managements etc. A server rack is also custom-built for changing its colour, accessing the electric points, or specifying a non standard size in terms of length, depth and height. Customised server racks can be created for serving a specific requirement related to a particular equipment. The network racks can be made of solid or perforated metal or glass material. Side panels of the racks can also be solid or perforated in texture.

Specific requirements for custom server rack:

Custom-designed server racks are required when the specific pattern is not readily available in the market. Typically, the server racks are sold with standard size and features. Custom racks are necessary when the hardware system demands for unique size and features in their storage space. Large scale manufacturers, retailers or dealers might consider housing their hardware system in custom server racks for many benefits they offer.

Things to consider for utilising custom server rack:

It is important to know the size and numbers of the hardware equipments to be stored in the racks or cabinets. One should plan ahead of time for building proper rack mount enclosures. It is also important to consider the space of the storage room, where servers racks are to be installed. Depending on the available space and specific requirement, server racks can be built as wall-mount or as free standing. One should also take in account whether or not to include any option for future expansion of storage space. It is better to keep in mind that additional racks and extra space are required for battery back up, remote power management, environmental monitoring and other purposes.

Important accessories for improving the performance of server racks:

Variety of accessories are available to enhance the efficiency of server racks. Some of them are as follows:

  • Power distribution units: These important accessories should include number of sockets and variety of input options. It is always suggested to buy a unit that contains surge protection.

  • Varieties of shelving: Some equipments are not easily mountable on racks. They require special kinds of shelves for positioning them properly. There are three different categories of shelving available in market- modem shelves, fixed shelves and telescopic shelves. One should select the appropriate type according to their specific requirement.

  • Trays and fan unit: Server rack fans come in two guises- rack mount fan units and roof mount fan units. Trays and fan units are vital for proper working of the system.

Custom server rack designing involves elaborate planning, prototype development and precise engineering. Many professional services are available in the market to design and develop custom-built server racks according to client’s requirement. Opting for proper server rack building company saves time, money and hassles for housing network hardware.

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