Gmail Shortcuts Cheat Sheet


Here is the list of Gmail Shortcuts in a Cheat Sheet Format -

Shortcut Key


C Compose email
Shift + C Compose Email in a new window
Enter / 0 Open email
/ Moves to Search box
U Return to Conversation list
J Moves the selection to most recent emails / scrolls down
K Move the cursor to next conversation / scroll up
M Mute conversation, archives conversation and all future messagesskip inbox
N Moves to Next Message (applicable in Conversation View only)
P Moves cursor to previous message (applicable in Conversation View)
X Checks any conversation
E or Y Moves any checked conversation to archive
+ Mark conversation as important
- Mark conversation as not important
! Report spam
Ctrl + S Save draft
# Move conversation to trash
V Move conversation to different folder
S Adds a star to any email / Starred Mail
Shift + 1 Marks message as spam
R Reply to sender
Shift + R Replied to message in a new window
A Replies to all sender
Shift + A Replies to all senders in a new window
F Forward message
Shift + F Forward message in a new window
Shift +3 Moves an email to trash
L Opens Label menu to label any email
Shift + I Marks message as read
Shift + U Marks message as unread
Shift + N Updates current conversation window if there are new messages
Q Moves cursor to chat search box
. or , Opens more menu
CTRL + Shift + c Add CC recipients
CTRL + Shift + b Add BCC recipients
Z Undo last action
Tab then Enter or CTRL + Enter Sends email after composing
Y then O Archives conversation you are reading and moves to next one
G then A Open All Mail folder
G then S Open Starred folder
G then C Open Contacts
G then D Open Drafts
G then L Moves cursor to search box with Label operator
G then I Return to Inbox
G then T Move to Sent Mail
* then A Select All Mails
* then U Select all unread mails
* then R Select all read mails
* then N Deselect all mails
* then T Select all unstarred mails
* then S Select all starred mails

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