Google Assistant now available for the iPhone

Today Google in its I/O conference unveiled its plans to make the Google Assistant available to Apple iPhone users. This makes Google Assistant a direct competitor to Apple’s own digital assistant Siri.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant for iOS

Google is currently the market leader in the world of smartphones. And, this is a bold move on behalf from them to try and capture the iOS market too. Though Apple being vastly behind in sales numbers to Google’s Android operating system, is having a strong hold on the market where people spend a lot of cash for products and services.

It is no new news that the smartphone market has widely been captured, and is currently showing stagnant growth. Thus companies like Amazon, Google, and Apple have forayed into the artificially intelligent digital assistant market with products like the Amazon Echo Show. These digital assistants are having huge potential for driving up sales as quoted by many industry leaders due to their capability of changing the way people interact with technology.

Google Assistant

Humans are interacting with computing in more natural and immersive ways. We’ve been using voice as an input across many of our products. And we’ve had significant breakthroughs.

Sundar Pichai, CEO Google Inc.

Google had showcased its Google Assistant for Android last year in the Google I/O. While also showing interest in extending it to various other operating systems offered by other manufacturers.

Google also launched –

Alongside all this, they also unveiled a tonne of new features for the Google Home, A major addition to which was HBO Now being integrated into the device. They also announced that to Photos application will now offer physical photo albums too.


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