Google Wireless balloon project

Google Wireless Balloon Project

Google Seeks to Expand Global Internet Access by Launching Google Wireless Balloons
In an astonishing tactical maneuver, Google has announced their aspirations of developing a google wireless balloon technology that has the potential to substantially expand internet access to underdeveloped regions across the world. The ambitious project could create a considerable increase in Google’s consumer base, while simultaneously providing online outreach to countries that have been neglected by mainstream internet providers. Although the concept might seem futuristically outlandish, the company plans to start deploying the balloons when the google wireless technology receives certifications of compliance with an extensive litany of governmental regulations.

The first areas being targeted by this ambitious initiative are predominantly in Asia and Africa. Marketplace analysts postulate that Google is aiming for a monopoly on internet access in places that have been deprived of networking capabilities. If this google wireless venture is successful, Google will have approximately one billion new customers that have no other internet options. Being the sole provider to these rapidly expanding locales will allow the online mogul to earn exorbitant profits from an exclusive clientele that encompasses enough customers to constitute a cartel.

Google’s rivals will be hard-pressed to compete against this strategic investment, especially because the google wireless balloon technology is inexpensive in comparison to the standard tower development employed by leading competitors. Furthermore, the concept is rather timely, which will allow it to be available well before any standard internet services arrive. The prospective time-frame that Google is adhering to would grant them at least a year to accumulate users before other industry giants would have a chance to contest them.

The core machinery being incorporated consists of advanced blimps being equipped with powerful frequency emitters that can reach hundreds of miles from a central location. The signals are specifically designed to maintain extreme resiliency in high altitudes.

Even if Google only acquires the slightest proportion of the untapped global populace, they will witness a dramatic rise in their yearly revenue. This is because their primary financial support comes from widespread advertising capabilities. Every new customer will provide an incremental boost in advertisement income; therefore, a small percentage of unshared users can generate an exponential rise in lucre.

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