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Google to come up with YouTube Gaming

Google is coming with their new App called YouTube Gaming. Google YouTube Gaming will be an app and website made by Google. It will be a live stream or a help page for all the gamers and could checkout the game completely on this Google YouTube Gaming website. It will be featuring more than 25,000 pages for particular games and for the data. The content related to this game will also be available on the website.


It would be page or website which will direct you to particular channel and you will be able to review, get news and can reach upcoming events related to the game and many more data related to your gaming topic. YouTube gaming where you can follow creators, who blog reviews, walk-through, game-play, uncovering, and many more features about only and only games.

The Google YouTube Gaming will be launching later this year in United States and United Kingdom.

The Google YouTube Gaming will be a space for the for the gamers and would be dedicated for their gaming vibe. It would be a peaceful environment for them where they can dive into gaming sea and checkout even a single inch of games which are upcoming, games content, games help, games review, games tutorials and many such things which would be related to gaming only.

Google will be Tweeting it’s release date on their Twitter account @YouTubeGaming so, the users who all are waiting can follow the Twitter account for info regarding the release date and much more.

The Google YouTube Gaming will be coming up with many more new features including same link of the live feed by the live streamers. And now you can edit your videos before uploading them like increasing game search visibility and editing the title and many much more.


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