How to make Android Run Faster

If you have a slow Android Phone then this is just the article for you!

This Article teaches you the various ways to make your android phone run smoother, and faster. - How to make Android Run Faster

Step By Step Tutorial

  1. Remove Non-Useful Apps. to clear space - This is a fact, the more apps. you have the slower your phone is, so it is recommended to have a less amount of applications installed in your phone.
  2. Switch to a new Home Screen Launcher - There are a lot of benefits on switching to a custom launcher. It depends on what launcher you are using, for example if you are using launcher Pro, your phone will run really smooth. Usually the stock home screen launchers are not that fast enough. So, if you’re upgrading to any of the custom launchers, our recommendation is that you install Launcher Pro, Go Launcher EX or ADW Launcher. These launchers are available in the Google Play Store for free of cost and are highly customized to fit users needs.
  3. Turn off unnecessary Animations - This option lets you save battery life as well as makes your device run smoother.
    Settings > Display > Animations > No Animations.
  4. Add a Task Killer Application - This is really helpful, Task Killers clear a lot of memory in case your device is running slow. There are various Task Killers available in the Play Store like "Easy Task Killer" and "Advance Task Killer".
  5. Reduce the number of Widgets and Home Screens - Remove the unnecessary widgets and reduce the number of Home Screens. This will help to save a lot of memory and battery life.
  6. Root your Phone and Install a Custom ROM - Rooting and Installing a Custom Rom proves beneficiary. It enables you to do a lot of customization, tweaks and all to your device. It depends on what type of ROM you're using. For example - Cyanogen Mod that is available for a lot of devices. It gives your smartphone  Better Feel and Improves Performance. Rooting your device gives you the ability to over-clock your device, this enables the phone to run really fast. The only Drawback of this is that your phone will get heated and will drain your battery life fast.

Just Google about how to Install Custom Rom in your phone, you'll get lots of links for sure.


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