How to put maze lock on an android phone

How to Set Pattern Lock on an android phone

For some beginners, it is very difficult to adapt to Android as they have shifted from some other Operating System like -
  1. Java
  2. Symbian
  3. IOS
  4. Palm
  5. etc.
But when they shift from 1 Operating System to the other they feel a little bitĀ agitatedĀ and try everything at once and mess it all up so we are going to teach it all to you but 1 by 1.
So here is to the first step that anyone would like to take to protect their data and they would try setting up a password.
So we said OK no problem but why do it in alphabets or in numbers why not give it style make it stylish and give the users power of imagination so here we teach you how to put a password on your phone but in style.
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