HP Envy X2

The HP Envy X2 Ultrabook







What We Like
What We Dislike
Sharp And Colourful Screen
 Uncomfortable Typing Experience
Attractive And Light Weight Design
Low Performance like the old Net Books
Long Battery Life with the Dock plugged in
Mediocre Battery Life without the Dock plugged in
Nice Interface
Lags a little bit


Everyone is getting geared up for windows 8 and so is HP also by taking out a line of products that run on the windows 8 to show the market that it is not dead so after the spectre comes the giant from another giant that is HP launching X2 in various countries.

So let us not waste more time and get into ripping it of for you.


1.8 GHz Intel Atom Z2760
RAM Included
2 GB
RAM Upgradeable
2 GB
Storage Drive Size
64 GB
Storage Drive Type
Flash Memory
Display Size
Display Resolution
1366 X 768
Graphics Chip
Intel Graphics Media Accelerator
Graphics Memory
64 MB
Windows 8
Camera Resolution
8 MP
Front-Facing Camera Resolution
1.3 MP
HDMI, Headphone Jack, USB
USB Ports
Card Reader
Micro SD
320 GB
One Year Standard Parts andLabor
11.9 X 7.5 X .3 inches Tablet
11.9 X 8 X .6 inches with Dock
1.5 pounds / 3.1 pounds with keyboard dock


The Envy X2 is made from attractive brushed aluminium gives it a Simple Metallic Aesthetic that makes it look an expensive gadget.
The device is sleek silver colored back that has its logo embossed very well in the center made to give really nice feel .
The standby and volume control on the upper left and upper right corners of the back panel rather than on the sides of the tablet like the other tablets.


The Envy X2's modest 1366 X 768 resolution, and it's 11.6 inch screen provides sharp images and rich colors.
The touch experience is completely fluid and responsive.


Its Sound is also very good as it has got beats audio.
It's sound is very good but it is not much audible because the speakers are mounted on the bottom which makes it a very bad placement.

Keyboard and Touch Pad

The keyboard on the Envy X2's Dock is one of the most inaccurate, uncomfortable typing experience provider. The keyboard was so cramped, stiff, and unresponsive.
Our wrists were also uncomfortable as they hung over the edge of the narrow palm rest which was very uncomfortable.
The touch pad was quiet small for our fingers maybe our fingers are adapted to the big touch pads. and well we have to appreciate that it is not that rough and lets you do various multi-touch gestures.


the tablet itself has many ports on the bottom of the tablet, including a micro SD card slot, a 3.5 mm jack and proprietary port that connects to the dock itself or the charger.
The Keyboard provides 2 USB 2.0 ports and one full sized HDMI port.


The front facing 720p webcam takes very bright but extremely noisy images.
The 8 MP rear camera takes really sharp and colorful images better than iPad 2.


A 1.8 GHz atom CPU, 2 GB of RAM and 64 GB of slow-writing Flash memory, the $849 Envy X2 works like a netbook.

Battery Life

As a tablet, is provides 6 hours and 52 min.
With the keyboard attached the X2 lasts for 11 hours and 52 mins.


It provides a solid experience of windows 8 as a tablet with it's premium feel and colorful screen.
And the low performing battery it has, has let us down.
It also disappointed us that it is not much better than a cheap net book.
So we call it a $849 net book and yes we do not recommend this product.


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