Microsoft Surface: The game changer

The new Microsoft Surface tablet has been released by Microsoft. And is it good?

You bet it is.

This new and bold venture by Microsoft has the typical MS experience - The Microsoft Surface. It runs on the Windows 8 pro and windows RT systems.

The main aim of Microsoft Surface is, however, to rival apple’s iPad and Windows 8 it is also trying to compete with Android.  Despite being a tablet, it can cater to the needs of an iPad-type tablet, as well as a laptop PC. Although much has not been released by MS Inc. about Microsoft Surface, its release on Monday revealed it was much more like apple, with the over hyping by analysts, luminous keyboard and incredible usefulness.

In fact,Microsoft Surface™ not only takes on iPad but also ultrabook  due to its dual Tablet-PC persona that it carries with the portable keyboard shipped with it.

Since users have already become used to the “touch” interface of apple, MS Inc. seems to be targeting the business part. “The Absence of a camera, the physical keyboard and MS office seem to target the business segment” wrote Mr. Jeronimo of IDC.

The world of technology is one in which someone can be left behind in a moment’s notice (Apple?). Although it may seem both astounding and unbelievable that anyone can take on apple’s iPad, we’ll say that it seems likely that Microsoft Surface can.

Cons:  Although it is too early to speak of cons, one seems to be that it has no cellular connectivity

Rating:   4/5 .We genuinely feel Microsoft Surface is awesome.

Final review: Microsoft  Surface can make an impact on your desk space, although it remains to be seen if it can truly combat iPad.

Write in your views and perspectives about the Microsoft Surface and how can microsoft improve it in the comments section below.


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