Pokemon Go leaves India Again Delaying the launch

Pokemon Go

A month ago Pokemon Go was initially launched, and the game was an instant hit amongst fans, and was the top rated game on both Android and iOS stores. Now, the game has crossed over 100 million official downloads. Since its launch the game has expanded from 3 countries to 80 countries, but India’s name is currently to be seen nowhere.

Recently, Pokemon Go was launched in 15 countries in Asia and Oceania. This bringing a ray of hope to fans in India that the official release is not far for India. But, the game not being launched has not stopped Poke-Trainers in India from Downloading Pokemon Go via unofficial ways and playing it. Pokemon Go is currently running on millions of Indian devices, which should be the proof of concept Niantic needs to launch the game here, but they keep on shying off.

Though the reason why we think Niantic is not releasing the game in India, is due to them knowing the huge size of Indian players would put an extreme amount of stress on the already overloaded Pokemon Go servers, and for such a huge market Niantic does not want to make any hasty moves and lose such a huge audience. But, at the end of the day when we see pokemon fever slowing maybe Niantic is doing the wrong thing and waiting it out.


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