Review: ASUS ZenPower Power Bank


These days smartphones are getting smarter by the second and the manufacturers are developing new and new things like faster processors, more RAM and such things that will take the smartphone revolution to the next level. Now, all of these advancements to lead us to a point where we currently stand and believe me it will get worst from this point on, and that is the low battery backup that is provided to us with such gadgets of power. And to cover their bases companies like the OnePlus, ASUS, Xiaomi, Honor, have launched power banks into the market, and that list is just the top high contenders in the market there are many many more companies with power banks. So we are here today with the product review of the ASUS ZenPower, and we here will find out with you that is this power bank just as innovative as their New Zenfone 2 or just another half cooked ripoff that they threw into the market, like every other company.



The design of the ASUS ZenPower is what ASUS is saying the credit card design. It is just marginally larger than a standard credit card that we use, but it is also having the heft and thickness that is surely not of a credit card. The thickness of the ZenPower is 22 mm and it weighs in at 215 grams, though it being lighter than every other power bank in the market but due to the lower footprint that the Zen Power has it feels a little heavy when you start to use it. The Review unit we got was silver colored and was accompanied with a blue colored skin, and we have to say that it is looking good. The Top Panel is with all the LED Lights, with the USB Port and a button, the bottom has all the ratings and the 10,050 mAh marking.

Connectivity and indicators


The top panel contains of, all the ports and the LED lights along with a button that can be used to check how much battery is left in the power bank. There are 2 ports which is the Normal USB port and a micro USB port, There also are 4 LED Lights that will show you the status of the battery remaining in the Zen Power Power Bank, and the button is the power button which will turn on the power bank.

Charging Time

Charging the power bank could be a drag though using it is really fun, it takes about 6-8 hours of charging time so we used to leave it to charge overnight, Using it was the fun part it could charge 3-4 phones one after another and still could have little charge left which is great.


The performance of the Zen Power is exceptional one charge would charge a OnePlus One 3 times, but the most exceptional thing about the power bank was that when it was not charged and not used for 10 days it still held the charge that it had when tested 10 days before. The ZenPower uses a technology inside it's power battery that turns the power bank off when the device is charged fully or when it has charged your device fully. It has a lot of security features that are coming these days in a lot of the power banks like the xiaomi mi banks, the OnePlus Power Bank. The security features included are like short-circuit protection, reset protection, over charge/over discharge protection and many many more.


ASUS Zenpower Pack

The package that the ASUS ZenPower arrived in was very well presented, it included the Power Bank itself with a skin that i guess is of random color i got the blue one, A USB Cable and Documentation.

So Here Is The List -

  1. The ZenPower
  2. Skin for the Power Bank
  3. USB Cable
  4. Documentation

Capacity and Price

ASUS ZenPower Capacity

The ASUS ZenPower is having a charging capacity of 10,050 mAh, and has the port with a voltage leave of 2.1 Volts.

And the Price it is available is as follows -

  1. The Black Color - Rs. 1,599
  2. Other Colors than the Black One - Rs. 1,499

The Are Exclusively Available with Flipkart in India - Click Here

ASUS ZenPower With box


We will Rate The ZenPower at -


We found that the ZenPower is fairly exceptional and we surely will recommend it over many other power banks available in the market at this point.


We surely have had many Power Banks, And surely as we expected the ASUS ZenPower performed exceptionally, it stored the charge really perfectly and it also charged the devices with a perfect touch that somebody could expect out of a high quality tech device. We definitly give it a Pick and if you are looking for a Power Bank you should buy this one.

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