Samsung Galaxy Camera

Samsung Galaxy Camera

It is interesting to know that phones have changed as we knew them they have become into mini phones, tablets, even into computers but now its over head they made a phone inside a Camera!
Well yes you read it right a CAMERA PHONE! its Awesome to have a camera like that well to know we will have to review it so lets get inside it.

Build Quality And Hardware

Well Samsung mainly does not look into the designing area very well but changes take place and here is this device which is the best device available in the market in design made by Samsung.
Well designed, well built and a nice answer to a court case that’s what we at beetel bite call this device.
4.8 Inch Screen is a bonus to the 16 MP camera and the best design.
Costing is quiet a matter but as it’s cost is around $600 in the U.S. and INR30000 in India.
Well as it is not a hybrid device as it lets you take pictures like any other camera with no extra features and lets you browse the web and do other stuff.

So lets find out if you need it or not?

Galaxy Camera is not very pocket friendly like other camera’s it is larger than any average camera, it fits in your jeans pocket but is very uncomfortable inside it as it needs a lot of space.
The Device is neither special nor lacks anything.
It has
  • 16 Mega Pixel Camera
  • 8 GB Internal Storage (Expandable till 64 GB with a Micro SD Card)
  • Quad – Core Processor (1.4 GHz)
  • 1 GB RAM
  • MALI 400 Graphics Chip
  • Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean)

Should You Buy It?

Galaxy Camera is a unique and fun to use device. But this does not mean we will recommend it to you as we wont here is why as you can buy a normal camera of good quality without android but with a touch screen in half the price or if you are an extreme photographer then go in for any good DSLR or SLR or any other Good quality camera with a nice Graphical Processing Unit.
But if you like playing around with apps. want to have a camera and at the same time want to have fun with the photos and the camera then you are definitely going in for the Galaxy Camera.



The Goods And Bads


  • Good Image Quality
  • 3G Connection
  • Superb Integration with Android
  • Nice Web Browsing Tool


  • No RAW Support
  • Lacks Easy Access To The Settings
  • Bigger And Heavy
  • Poor Battery Life
  • Costly

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