Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Samsung unveiled it's much anticipated Note 3 in IFA Berlin 2013, and it is a great product and now Samsung has confirmed a release date in many countries for this big boy which they are set to release it in markets on the 25th of September.

25th of September will be the release date for the Note 3 in 140 countries and for others the release would be delayed till October.


The Note 3 has got a bigger and a better screen than that of the Note 2, it sports a huge 5.7 inch screen but in the same body as that of note 2, Samsung has shelled a lot out of the bezel they had in the Note 2. Despite such a big screen it is slimmer than before and also weighs less.

The Screen is very bright, colorful and responsive as we thought it to be. The screen is quite responsive and better than the previous Note 2 and the stylus is much better and more intuitive than any other stylus. The S-Pen gives you a lot of controls at your disposal with real fine settings.

And going inside the phone we have got a real beefy 2.3 GHz processor with a awesome ram of 3GB. You will be thinking that is a hell lot of arms and it would need real power, Samsung has ensured that your juice stays with you with a real heavy battery of 3,200 mAh inside.

It also has speed like a race car with the 4G LTE connectivity it offers to you, it offers you with the fastest category of 4G which is the 4 4G.

The phone has got a huge camera of 13 Megapixel with 4K video recording which is the new Ultra HD.

The lathered back and fake stitch gives the Note 3 a premium look and makes up to the criticism that The Samsung Galaxy S4 got for it's plastic and cheap feeling back.

The S Pen

The distinguishing factor to the Note family the small little S Pen got better now with the new and wise technologies entered into it by Samsung it gets the new flavor of the best stylus available in the market.

As soon as you point the S Pen to the screen the Air Command Wheel comes up on the screen, the wheel gives you the shortcuts to the features that the S Pen uses to make your usability better and more easy for you to use the device.

Air Command Wheel

While you hover the S Pen near the screen of the Note 3 the new Air Command menu appears, on it are the functions that the S Pen can do and make the usability of the Note 3 more intuitive for the user.

The Features are as follows -

  • Memo
  • Scrap Booker
  • Screen Write
  • S Finder
  • Pen Window

Multi Tasking

The multi tasking has increased and is much better now with a side swap-able bar which has acess to the recent applications and you can open two applications at a time and can resize them as you want.

You can also draw with the S Pen a small box where you want to open an application and it would open the application in that are only.

Note 3 Covers

Samsung has taken ideas from the Galaxy S4 covers and included a small box where the important information is shown when the cover is closed. Samsung has went forward and competing with Apple has put colors into it's covers.


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