Surface Pro 4 Release Date and Specs


Contrary to expectations of people, Microsoft shocked us and did not announce the arrival of the Surface Pro 4, its latest tablet/laptop hybrid, during its April 29 – May 1 Build 2015 Developer Conference in San Francisco, California.

New speculations point that the Surface Pro 4 will debut on May 20th which is set as a mystery launch date by microsoft.


Earlier, the Chinese website 36kr quoted that they have a reliable insider in the company who is saying that the device will come with a powerful processor just like its predecessor, the Surface Pro 3. It specifically would have a Core i5 Broadwell CPU and not the Core M which was recently featured on the less expensive Surface 3 and even on the latest MacBook from Apple.

surface-pro-3 (1)

This possible increase in processing power will make the Surface Pro 4 as powerful as many laptops in the market.

However, the device is rumored to have no fans on board. As such, it may have to deal with the overheating issues that the core i7 models of its predecessor encountered, but we can be wrong as there are technologies which can make without the fan and work perfect.


Analysts say Broadwell chips are better when it comes to heat dissipation. This could be the primary reason why Microsoft has chosen to go with it.

As for the display on the Surface Pro 4, it is expected to be around the same size as its predecessor’s 12 inches. Coming to the stylus, it is widely expected to use the active stylus of N-Trig, a company Microsoft bought last year.

microsoft-surface-pro-4 (1)

We are really excited about this product, what about you tell us in the comments below.


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