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After a long wait since its introduction last fall the Apple Watch has finally graced us and is now finally reaching the customers. Some who managed to order at midnight PT on April 10 are getting their watches now; others who ordered a few minutes later will have to wait until mid-May. That’s how quickly the Watch sold out.

We’ve been combing through the Apple Watch app store’s 3,000+ entries to figure out which apps we want (and which ones other Watch wearers might need). To explore the App Store, you need to first download the Apple Watch app to your iPhone, it’s the same app you’ll use to pair the Watch up with your phone. Then you can search for apps just as you do on the desktop or an Apple iDevice.

TOP 10 Apple Watch Applications –

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For collaboration, Wunderlist makes it easy to share lists or tasks of anything that needs to be done and you can even delegate tasks to to customized groups, whether it be family members, work colleagues, friends or some combo of the three. You create lists on your iPhone and iPad and access the lists on the Watch.

PowerPoint for Apple WatchKeynote and Powerpoint:

If you’re a frequent presenter who uses either of these apps, you should know that both Keynote and Powerpoint have been updated to allow control of your slides from the Watch. That means no more fumbling around for the office remote control when you’re supposed to begin your talk.

Evernote for Apple WatchEvernote:

If you’re a fan of Evernote, you’ll be happy to find you can dictate, view, and update notes on the go via dictation using the Watch. Of course, all new or modified notes will be synced back to all of your devices with Evernote installed, and you’ll be notified by reminders and items that are due.

Flight Track 5 Apple WatchTripAdvisor and FlightTrack:

Frequent travelers should check out these apps from services like TripAdvisor, which lets you view your trip information, see reviews, ratings and even images of your destination. If you’re more focused specifically on flight info, you’ll want FlightTrack 5, which delivers flight notifications, status, gate changes, as well as flight progress and related information.

WebMD Apple WatchWebMD:

If you’re someone who has to take medicine regularly, the WebMD app offers info (via Glances you access by swiping up on the Watch face) and reminders about any medication you’re taking along with details about when to take your meds, how much and how often. You’ll never miss your water pill again.

Fitness Spades Apple WatchFitness Spades:

It’s no secret that Apple is pushing Apple Watch as a fitness and activity tracker, and third parties are jumping on the bandwagon. Take for instance Fitness Spades, which makes working out a game. Press a button to draw a card, which correlates to a workout you can perform anywhere. The app tracks your activity and offers a helpful rest interval in between drawing the next card. The game is designed to push you to complete more cards in the deck than your previous time using the app.

Vimofit 7 Apple WatchVimoFit 7 Minute Workout:

If you’re into quick workouts, try the VimoFit 7 Minute Workout app. It guides you through a variety of exercises directly on the Watch.



RunKeeper Apple WatchRunKeeper:

The popular iOS app RunKeeper has released an update that adds Watch support. Now you can start a workout, view stats, and end your run right from your wrist. And there’s an option to shut out other notifications so you can focus on the road or path ahead without distraction.

Mint Apple WatchMint:

If tracking finances from your wrist is useful, Mint lets you set and track daily and monthly spending limits, and lets you see how much you have spent for specific categories. Mint will also send notifications, which should help those who pay attention to it to stay on budget.

Glide Apple WatchGlide:

If another friend has a Watch, you can send videos directly to their wrist using Glide. Although the Watch itself doesn’t actually transmit videos, video messages that are received can be stored and responded to from the Watch.


As is obvious, the apps help make the Apple Watch what it is a truly personal computing device. These are just a handful of the apps already available for it, with many more on the way. A fair warning, though: it stands to reason that these apps may be buggy and unoptimized, as most of the developers did not even have access to a physical Watch during development. Considering how new the Watch platform is, it’s likely that early adopters will run into annoying issues. But the fact that there are thousands of options immediately awaiting Watch owners is a huge advantage in terms of the device’s ultimate success.12watch-bitspost-tmagArticle

These are the Top 10 Applications as per us and if you feel different be sure to tell us in the comments area.

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