Top 3 Games on Smartphones for relaxing

While working, studying, or doing any other activities, you easily tend to get bored and you need to call for a break. But you really have very limited options most of the times you are bored, and the most easily available option for relaxing is your smartphone. There are infinite things you can do with your smartphone, one of the numerous things you can do has a very popular choice of people playing games. So here are the top 3 games on your smartphone that can help you relax.

Top 3 Games on Smartphones -

Angry Birds

Angry Birds

This is the most commonly and widely downloaded game on smartphones. And now if you see most of the android smartphones already come pre-installed with this game onto their operating system.It comes in many different variants, and all of them have the same story line behind them and that is pigs stealing their eggs and running of with them and then the birds wanting to take their eggs back.

Temple Run

temple run

Temple Run is a much newer game as compared to Angry Birds but has gained a lot of market share in quite a less time frame. It is a very engrossing game and far better than the Angry Birds, but tends to lag on lower end devices, That is why it has got the second place. It also has game variants and now a completely updated game and title - Temple Run 2.


Paper Toss

Paper Toss

Paper Toss is a very engrossing game with multiple cabins to play in and with multiple items to throw. There are secret places where you can throw and earn extra points, this game is a total stress killer as you can hit your boss with items you want, or you can hit an intern and many more. We have noticed that this game is a real stress buster.


If you feel that there is a much better game we forgot or some other opinions on games be sure to comment below.


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