Top 5 Accessories For The Samsung Galaxy S4

samsung galaxy s4

Smartphones have revolutionized the technology industry, with a continuous flow of new models and accessories entering the market right behind them. Smartphones have become a reliable and addictive device for many consumers and are becoming a regular fixture in everyday life.Along with smartphones, comes a wide range of accessories developed to adapt our smartphones to every possible circumstance within our lives. Here’s a list of the best 5 Samsung Galaxy S4 accessories available on the market today.

1) Samsung Galaxy S4 Screen Protector Three Pack, £4.99

This is one of the top accessories mainly for its fantastic value for money, this three pack of screen protectors means your phone’s screen will stay pristine for three times as long. They are an ideal choice if you’re constantly on the go, or you have small children or toddlers in the home. This small shielding accessory can make sure that even the dirtiest hands won’t be doing too much harm to your Samsung Galaxy S4. These protectors can also deflect water and prevent other damage such as scratches and scuffs. They are easy to apply and won’t leave any marks when peeling them off. Simple and affective, they ensure your phone stays in the best possible condition for longer.

2) Samsung Galaxy S4 Sports Armband, £5.50

The latest accessory to combine both technology and sporting equipment is the sports armband. If you’re looking for a convenient way to access your Galaxy S4 while you’re exercising or on the move in a hectic lifestyle, the sports armband is the ideal choice. The design of the armband is a combination of plastic and rubber to ensure both flexibility and long lasting durability. It’s extremely easy to use too; just slot your smartphone into the internal holster of the armband and once it’s firmly in place your good to go. The armband significantly reduces the risk of drops or fumbles and you’ll know exactly where your phone is at all times.

3) Samsung Heart Rate Monitor Band, £64.99

For anyone who is on a bit of a health kick, this accessory is the ideal choice for you. The S-Health is an all-in-one healthcare monitoring system that incorporates the S Band, HRM Band and Body Scale, turning your Galaxy S4 into a healthcare database. As soon as you put it on, it automatically monitors your heart rate and check your body weight too; this comes in very useful when exercising. Each device connects to the app, transmitting data wirelessly. Get the perfect fit with the band’s adjustable strap, and thanks to its water-resistant materials, wipe it clean with ease after those gut-busting sessions at the gym.

4) Portable Battery Charging Pack, £68.99

This Galaxy S4 accessory is the most popular one on the market. At some point we’ve all ran out of charge, usually at the time we need it the most. Owners of the Galaxy S4 fear not! With this accessory have extra power where and when you need it. Thanks to this portable device you can check the charge levels on your smartphone via USB, and then if needed continue to charge your phone by slipping this device on the back of your smartphone. Once you’ve charged your phone simply plug the charging pack into a power source using your Samsung Micro USB charger and it’ll be ready for when you’re on the go again.

5) MHL 2.0 HDTV Adapter, £24.99

Finally, Samsung have created an output device capable of letting youenjoy high quality video content from your Galaxy S4 smartphone on a HDTV.Share media content instantly with family and friends using this universal adaptor. It connects directly to your MHL-enabled smartphone’s 11-pin Micro USB socket to a standard HDMI cable on your TV. Within minutes, enjoy the big home theatre system whilst viewing all of your smartphone content.


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