13 Free Online Seo Tools That Every Webmasters Should Know

As it is known in internet marketing circles, webmasters rely heavily on SEO tools for different reasons. Below is a list of 13 most popular and equally important SEO tools which should always be in the vicinity of a webmasters workstation.

Broken link checking tools

# 1 w3c broken link checker

W3c link checker is used by webmasters to hunt and repair broken links. Apart from its perfect broken link hunting capabilities, the tool also displays information on the link which points out the problem hence making it easier to fix problems.

#2 Link Valet

This is a free tool which shows the status of all links for a certain URL. You will not only get information on broken links but also those with bad request and redirecting errors. Most people like it for displaying a summary of all the links on a website and their working condition.

Tools to help you check your keyword density

#3 Keyword density

This is an online based keyword tool located at keyworddensity.com. Its capabilities allow you to compare the keyword density and count from two websites. All you have to do is enter both websites' URLs and submit. It calculates the density from all the text on the website which includes your meta tags, URL, images and the title. However, the density can be viewed separately for analysis purposes.


# 4 SEObook keyword density analyzer 

A very useful tool where one needs to find their keyword density; after entering your URL, you will get a results page which categorizes the keywords as found in one worded, two worded and three worded phrases. It also allows you to view the occurrence of a certain phrase as well.

Tools to help you run an analysis on your keywords

# 5 Ubbersuggest

The tool is used to suggest the best keyword for content to webmasters. To get meaningful results, select your preferred and they type of search. Whether you want to optimize for text, images or video content, the tool will always

# 6 Keywordspy

Probably one among the webmaster tools which gives you access to a lot of features. You can view the PPC advertisers in your country and the search volume of a keyword. The tool will also enable you to see your PPC and organic competitors which would be useful if you plan to lay out strategies.

# 7 Google Adwords

A free keyword analysis tool which allows you to filter results using website, language, devices and location as criteria.

Back link checking tools

# 8 Backlinkwatch


This is an online tool which can be used to show all the back links pointing back to your website. It will summarize all the information so that you can view Dofollow and Nofollow links, anchor text, outbount links and the website's pagerank.

# 9 Open site explorer

This is a great back link checking tool which allows you to compare your website with four other websites. You do not have to compare although the tool will still display valuable information about all your links. The information you get is about domain authority, anchor text, nofollow/dofollow links and the page authority.

Plagiarism checkers

# 10 Copyscape

It is duped as the most reliable tool for duplicate content detection. If you sign up for a premium account, the online based tool will allow you to detect duplicate and get the notifications via e-mail.

# 11 Plagspotter

This is a plagiarism detector which will detect duplicate content and then display the results in a percentage. In addition the tool will display all the websites which have content matching with yours.

Tools for SEO analysis

# 12 Google webmaster tools

This tool has all the features a webmaster would ever need to run an SEO analysis on whatever website. It can be used to gain information about the health of your website, back links, crawl errors ranking of search queries and much more. Honestly, it would be hard for any webmaster to survive without using this particular tool.

# 13 Bing Webmaster

Most of the features on Bing webmaster are similar to those of Google webmaster tools. The only difference is that it displays information related to the Bing Search Engine. However, it is an important tool since and especially where one needs to analyze Bing since its algorithm is completely different to the one used by Google.


Author Bio:

Jason Smith is an online manager for AJ's Truck & Trailer Center - Dump Trailers. Jason likes blogging about online strategies that are related to SEO, Content, PPC & Lead generation.


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