Top Five: Tips to increase your smartphones battery life

How many people don’t these days feel complete if they do not have their smartphone’s near them?
Well if talking by facts mostly 80% people in the whole world.

Assuming that, since you are here you’re probably one of those kinds of people. And after that question asking you that if you want your phone’s battery to last longer or not.

This post will help you on the exact topic of How to increase your Phone’s Battery Life.

Disabling All the Unnecessary Services on your phone

Wireless utilities are some of the biggest battery drainers that you can find present on any phone these days.

The biggest problem any person finds is enabling and disabling wireless services on the devices. They can practically use up all the battery which was there on your device and can make you helpless.

Battery Stats Android

This is just not only for Wifi or Bluetooth But also for the services like GPS, Infrared, etc. which can drain up all the juice if left turned on.

Turning Off The Vibration

Well, I know that vibration feels awesome, but it causes quite a bit of the power you have got in your battery, and when compared to the ring only mode the vibration drains 46% more than ring only mode as per the comparative study made by us.

Lower The Brightness

You look at your mobiles very often and mostly not when you are in dark places or in the most lit places they are only the exceptions where you need your Phone’s brightness the most needed at maximum. You can adjust your Brightness at minimum or at an apt position where you can get great results with less battery consumed.

Make Your Wallpaper Black

This one was a great surprise to us when we were told about it, and we did test this on multiple devices and it was true and worked with great results. Apparently, AMOLED screens use a lot less power when displaying black instead of white. Changing your wallpaper to black or mostly black can conserve some of your Phones Energy which you could further utilize in something more useful.

Switch to 2G mode(GSM Mode)

Ensure that your phone is not always searching for a signal, switching to GSM instead of 3G or 4G LTE. Although you will feel it is an old band, it will use less power than those newer ones.


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