Five Tips for Consolidating Your Current Smart Devices

Consolidating smart devices is not always an easy task especially when they come from different manufacturers. Consolidation involves transferring data and apps, choosing the right single device and taking steps to make changing devices easier in the future. There are five tips that will help anyone to consolidate smart devices.

Memory Cards

One of the issues with consolidating smart devices is exchanging saved information. A simple way to deal with this is through a removable memory card. Three main types are available that fit into most devices. The card allows data to be downloaded from one device and uploaded to another. Adapters are available so that most devices can use all types of cards.


One of the most popular features of the smart phone is the wide range of apps available for the device. These apps require updates over time and can be difficult to place on a different device. One solution is to use a computer to synchronize devices before consolidating them into one. Synchronization ensures the same programs and data are on each device automatically when connected to a computer. This can take some time to complete at first with multiple smart devices.


Bluetooth connections are an effective way to transfer live data when consolidating smart devices. Many modern devices will connect to nearby phones or tablets through this communications protocol. This allows new data to be transferred during the last days other devices are being used. It is also an effective way to transfer data from devices that cannot accept a memory card.


Cloud-Based Services

A good way to consolidate smart devices and keep them consolidated is to use cloud-based services. Cloud-based services store data and run applications online. They are accessible through most Bell phone plans that include Internet connectivity from a device. Using cloud services like web-based email abstracts applications and data from local hardware so that it can be accessed from any device at any time.



Choose the Most Functional Device

The final step when consolidating is to select a single device for everyday use. This device should be the one with the most commonly used features. This will prevent the need to reactivate an old phone or tablet later for just a single purpose. It also provides the most potential for new apps and functions in the future.

Consolidating smart devices has several advantages. It is easier to manage a single carrier plan with only one phone or tablet. It also becomes easier to manage data, apps and contact lists. A final benefit is that it saves money usually spent charging a large number of devices in the home.

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