Phone charging too slow? Here are 5 ways to fix it

Even if you have fast charging support on your smartphone, it might be charging way too slow. Here are five ways to fix it.

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There can be multiple reasons behind slow charging.

Most smartphones these days come with some sort of fast charging technology. No matter how big the battery is, if the phone has fast charging support it takes no more than 2 hours to charge a smartphone. However, if your phone is taking longer than that, there might be a problem that needs to be fixed. Here are five reasons why your phone is charging slow.

Bad adapter or cable

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It is always recommended to use a good quality cable.

Most of the times, the charger is the culprit. It is always recommended to use the adapter and cable that come inside the box. If the cable is fried or the adapter is no longer working, you should get one from the OEM or at least get an authentic one with fast charging support. Even if your cable looks to be good from the outside, it might have problems on the inside. So, if you are facing slow charging problems, you should consider changing the cable or the adapter. Also, do note that fast charging technologies like OnePlus Warp Charge or Huawei Super Charge require a particular cable to help in fast charging.

Weak Power Source

It is not always about the phone or the charger cable. At times, you might be using a weak power source without even realising. In case you are using a wireless charger, you should consider switching to a wired one since wireless charging is usually slower. Also, even though companies like Samsung have fast wireless chargers, they are still slower than their wired counterparts.

Background apps

The hardware is not always the main culprit. At times, the software on your phone might be the one creating the problem. If there is any recently installed app, try deleting it as it might be sucking a lot of power in the background. If the problem persists, you should try resetting your smartphone as it will clear everything including anything that might be a problem.

Bad USB port

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USB ports also get dirty with long term usage.

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If you have tried everything and it still did not work out, the last problem might be on your phone's USB port. Due to the number of years the phone has been used, the USB port might have collected some junk or the area might have gotten corroded. So, you should either try cleaning that area using an earbud or try replacing the USB port altogether.

Bad Battery

If you have tried fixing all the above problems, the last resort is changing the phone's battery. While the battery might be able to last you long enough, but due to the problems inside, it might not be able to fill the charge faster. So, replacing the battery might fix the slow charging problem.


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