Actions on Google is now available for AndroidGo and KaiOS: To help markets like India

Actions on Google finally arrives for AndroidGo and KaiOS developers. Here's what it means for the general public.

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Actions on Google now expanded to AndroidGo and KaiOS

While Google currently has no new smartphones to showcase at the MWC, the company took the stage to make some important announcements. The company has revealed an expansion for Actions on Google, which is a Google Assistant developer tool. The firm is planning to expand the development process across millions of phones in around 100 countries. It will also allow the developers to bring certain features to AndroidGo and KaiOS.

The new announcement basically means that different OEMs and other companies will now be allowed to create Assistant apps and commands with Actions on Google. These can now even work with more budget-friendly smartphones as Google has finally expanded support to AndroidGo and KaiOS. This is supposed to help markets like India where AndroidGo and KaiOS are popular.

Companies have already started working on new actions. A firm named Hello English has created a new Action on Google that helps Hindi speakers to learn English quite quickly. Another example in India is the Where is My Train? Action, which provides real-time locations and times for trains running the country. As such companies are already helping India grow, the expansion to AndroidGo and KaiOS will make the process much better.

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Google claims that developers can now create Actions in more than 19 languages. The company has also added text-to-speech voice options for Actions. They have even added new voices in English (en-US, en-GB and en-AU), Dutch, French (fr-FR and fr-CA), German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese (Brazilian), Japanese, Korean, Polish, Danish and Swedish.


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