Advantages of having a custom Domain Name

Why get a Custom Domain you Will be thinking at the moment and i’ll tell it all to you just now but you will have to be patient and will have to read the entire post to benefit you.

Here is the main reason why you have to get a custom domain for a sub-host domain fast –

SUB – HOSTING is not efficient and if you try to shift to a custom domain which has all the benefits of the internet your  rankings get lost and you are nowhere in the crowd that you roamed around in and in regaining the rank it takes quiet a lot of time believe me i’m also a victim.

Advantages Of Having A Custom Domain

  1. Search Engine Optimization –
Search engines lastly or never want Sub-Domains in their results as it makes the results look BAD and literally speaking people also never want to visit or So be it people and search engines Both Don’t like Sub-Domains and yes not even the trusted ones are trusted by the people.

    2. Not at All Expensive –

It is not at all expensive as it seems to be as you can register a domain for $10 a year that means you have to pay only $0.03 per day and with a nice site material you can generate at least double of it in a day (of course you can generate more).
And for the people who know about the basics and some advanced things about how to handle domains, registry, hosting, and all that stuff can get the Custom Domain for much a lower price and well to quote that price would be around $1.25 per year.
I got the $10 Plan because i wanted my site to be hosted specifically hosted on

    3. A Name On The Web

You get a name on the web and get to showoff to friends, relatives, colleagues, and Partners. It also gets you a nice recognition on the internet as an internet personality.It also leaves a nice impression on people forcing them to have nice views about your site and referring it to their known ones.

      4. Advertising

You can now submit to the advertisements websites which did not allow Sub-Domains to enter in and Gave Huge profits on ads like
It really works because you get those extra bucks you wanted more professionally than ever.

 5. Search Engines index your material faster

This means that every search engine starts taking you seriously and keeps in mind to monitor every activity you do and make a list of every post you have added so that it indexes all the posts in the next update.

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4 Responses

  1. pavan says:

    Pavan @(pavanh)
    Hi ,
    Thank you for a nice post , i started my blogging with subdomain and now i moved to custom domain i just wanted to ask you on moving from subdomain to custom , whatever backlinks which were achieved from subdomain will it be lost or redirected to custom domain

    Waiting for your reply
    Thank you

    • Beetel Bite says:

      Hi Pavan,
      Thanks for the support,
      All the backlinks are lost but the goodwill retains them back and every rank returns in some time it might take upto a month for every update to go live but it will soon be back in business and if you could tell us your previous subdomain host we can help you better as some let you retain the pagerank.

      • Pavan Deshpande says:

        pavan @()
        Hi Beetel ,

        Thank you for your response
        and one more question , how long it takes to redirect the backlinks to custom domain ?

        and it’s almost 30days i switched to custom domains.
        still i got previous backlinks

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