Ambrane P1144 Power Bank In-Depth Review: Great performance for low price?

Ambrane P1144 power bank sports an attractive feature set, but does it make it worthy of your money?

Ambrane, P1144 Power Bank, Ambrane Power Banks
The Ambrane P1144 is a bit on a heavier side.

Ambrane an Indian consumer electronics company has launched its latest¬†P1144 10,000mAh Power Bank. The company is aiming this power bank at the masses, and to do so it comes with a cheap price tag and numerous features like a rubberised exterior grip and BIS Certification. Let’s find out if you should you spend your money on this one or not.


Ambrane P1144 Power Bank sports a plastic body with a rubberised finish, which makes the power bank feel great in hand. However, the heavy weight of the power bank in hand makes it feel very bulky. That heavy weight combined with rubberised feeling plastic makes it a good and bad experience all at the same time. Still I feel the 10,000mAh battery capacity makes the weight feel acceptable in hand.

Ambrane, P1144 Power Bank, Ambrane Power Banks
The power bank sports a plenty of features including a textured power button.

The power bank also comes with an in-built torch for emergency situations. It is activated by long pressing the power button located on the right side of the device. Above the power button you will find a micro-USB port for charging the power bank and two USB ports to help charge other devices. One of which is a standard port and other one is a fast charger. The ports can be recognised by the symbol located on the right side of the port.

Ambrane, P1144 Power Bank, Ambrane Power Banks
The inn-built torch is bright enough to help you see clearly in the dark.

On the front, there is an 8-bit display which highlights the percentage of battery left from 25%-100%.

Overall, design wise the power bank looks good. However, the heft does feel as a bit of a con, which considering the battery capacity is acceptable. The design of the power bank could be better with the display showing the exact percentage but considering the price of the device, the overall design is acceptable.


Ambrane, P1144 Power Bank, Ambrane Power Banks
The on-paper performance of the P1144 is amazing.

Performance of a power bank according to most means how fast it can charge itself as well as how much power it can dissipate from itself. The power bank takes 4-5 hours to charge from 0-100 per cent using a 5V/2.1A charger. The company doesn’t include a charger in the box so you will need to use your smartphone charger, which might change the charging time of the device. All the tests were done using the included cable in the box. If we use a standard 5V/1A charger the power bank charging times increases significantly to around 12 hours. So we suggest using a a fast charger with the power bank.

Ambrane, P1144 power bank, Ambrane P1144 charging stats
It is recommended you use a fast charger to charge the power bank.

Coming to the power output of the power bank, the company claims to be able to provide 5V/1A power on standard port and 5V/2.1A power on the fast charge ports. In our testing we find that to be little out of place. The standard port sends around 1.1A at the 3.8V and the fast charge port delivered around 1.8A at the 3.9V. However, we used the stock charging cable provided with the Samsung Galaxy S9+. Ambrane might have tested with better quality cables but most of the people will use the cable that came with their smartphone. This makes the power bank a little bit of disappointing.


Ambrane, P1144 Power Bank, Ambrane Power Banks
Overall, the Ambrane P1144 is a great deal.

The Ambrane P1144 power bank is priced at Rs. 700, which makes this power bank a good budget offering from the company. With the performance it delivers, the design and other features, I think the Ambrane P1144 is a good deal. It does have a few shortcomings but with the price you pay for the package, I think its a good overall deal. So to answer the question –¬†should you spend your money on this one is yes. If your budget is just enough to buy this power bank, you will not regret the decision.


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