Android Mobile Applications: Preferred Choice of Smart People

When iPhone is a more or less meant for only the exceptional class people and its unique features, technology and mobile applications are out of the reach of next generation mobile users for being highly expensive, the Android mobiles have come up to meet the demand. From working executives to housewives to college goers, highschoolers and even the senior citizens of middle income groups, Android is the preferred choice of all. Android mobiles are getting increasing popularity day by day and this is the reason that Android mobile applications are also growing with an aim to fulfil the requirements of diverse sections of users.

It was as early as 2007 that Android operating system was released by Google. The system empowers most of the Smartphones of today and comes with the advantage of providing a wide range of features for both the applications developers and the end users. Androidmobile applications are just perfect for the next generation mobile users who always look for something challenging and something new. The best part is with the useful applications even a standard device can be personalized or customized according to the preferences of individual user.

Android mobile applications are developed using ordered and friendly Java language and span a wide range of functions. These apps are catered to almost all requirements of the nest generation smart users from utility to entertainment including bill payments, banking, web-based apps, instant messaging, music, videos, shopping and social networking. The increased mobile penetration in the personal and professional life of common people has led to the growing demand for smart phones which are moderately priced and equipped for providing improved telecom services.

The dedicated Android application developers harness the capabilities of Android software development kit (SDK) effectively and deliver outstanding Android mobile applications making way for a healthy competition.

The advantage of Android software development kit (SDK) or Android SDK is that it provides a development platform which is easy to use and comes with lots of in-built features that makes it possible to create quality applications. Lots of facilities like 3D graphic libraries and in-built code, Tutorials, debugging utilities, testing, handset emulator and multi-tasking on Android OS can be effectively used to develop conventional or modern scalable Smartphone applications. The Android OS has the capability of being seamlessly integrated with a large range of communication technologies like GSM/EDGE, CDMA, Wi-Fi, Wi-MAX, Bluetooth, UMTS and more. The added advantage is it can deliver corresponding services properly on the basis of the hardware of underlying mobile device. To showcase their presence effectively the mobile applications must capitalise on the huge volume of data, quality of the services and speeds as the next generation 4G services are likely to be rendered on Android.

Android SDK is open source software which undergoes constant tests and improvement under the self-motivated programmers. The mobile applications created on Android SDK are cost-effective. The Android OS caters to the needs of 3G, accelerometer, compass, GPS and the standard camera functions so that the applications can provide support to mobile hardware configurations of present times as well as of future.

Author Bio: Mark Anderson is an Android developer by profession. He has written several articles and blogs on Android Mobile Applications. Here he is sharing some valuable information with us on why Android Mobile Applications is a preferred choice of smart people.

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