Apple Earpods Review

The New Next Generation Apple EarPods

2 Earpods tried and tested

Apple Earpods are the new in ear headphones which come with the ne Apple Devices. These are the new Standard Apple White Ear buds.

Apple said “It’s been 3 Long years developing these new earphones”.

They certainly sound a lot better than what they had before. They have a pretty neat sound and certainly we at Beetel Bite love that sound as it is pleasant. They are Nice Looking and are not designed to seal into your ears but instead they are designed to rest in them.

These are really excellent free headphones for people who get them with their Apple Products, But it is a really hard decision to make while buying such a product as Apple sells Earpods at $29 per piece which is really costly for such headphones as in the same range there are much more and better options than the earpods.

The Main thing you should consider while buying these is that they may not fit into your ears as they do not in some cases we have often heard but this was not a problem in our case as we had them perfectly fit in our ears but it was sometimes to tilt our heads because sometimes they would fall off, but that was a 100 by 10 cases so we did not have that much of problem and our life was as normal as it is.

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