Apple iPhone 8 to be revealed next month

The Apple iPhone 8 for the past few months has been plaguing every person’s internet news. And, there has been a lot of speculation around it, be it leaked images, specifications, or blueprints. Websites all across the interweb have been claiming various things like placement of the Touch ID sensor, augmented reality, the orientation of the camera, bezel-less screen, and much more.

Apple iPhone 8

Apple iPhone 8 to launch in WWDC 2017

And now, one of JP Morgan’s analyst has suggested that Apple is highly motivated to release the iPhone 8 in June while it hosts Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). Though if Apple decides to do so it would be breaking a five-year-old tradition. But, this seems possible as the iPhone 7 did not perform as well as Apple thought it would. Tim Cook (CEO, Apple Inc.) said that Apple iPhone 7’s sales were hurt due to rumours about the next iPhone.

JP Morgan has said that there is a high likelihood that Apple will introduce the new Apple iPhone 8 next month. However, currently, there is no hard evidence to what JP Morgan has claimed. This was a warning to their customers who invest in Apple to not be surprised by low summer sales. Also, stating this will be due to users waiting to purchase the iPhone 8 which will be showcased next month and start sales in the fall.

Although, this new release date is out of the company’s tradition, but this being the tenth-anniversary edition makes sense. As Apple released its first ever iPhone in WWDC.

Apple iPhone 8

The actual date of the launch has not been revealed by Apple currently. And over the month’s many sources have said that it might launch in October or November. While some newer reports say we might have to wait until 2018. This report has much more credit though as it has been backed by JP Morgan and 9to5Mac.

Also, an Analyst from Deutsche Bank has said that we will not see Apple’s 10th-anniversary smartphone until 2018.


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