Apple slashes the prices of iPhone, iPad in India after GST

Apple recently has gone ahead and reduced the prices of its iPhones, iPads, Macs, and Apple Watch in India. This recent price cut has been made by Apple after the introduction of Goods and Services Tax (GST) in India. As reported by Hindustan Times Apple has taken the basic customs duty (BCD) of 10 percent into account while revealing the new prices.

Apple has reduced the prices of its iPhones due to the introduction of GST

iPhone 7 Plus

The Apple iPhone 7, 32GB variant is now available at Rs.56,200, and the 128GB, the 256GB variants now cost Rs.65,200 and Rs.74,400 respectively. Apple also has reduced the price of the iPhone 7 Plus slashing the rate of the base 32GB variant from Rs.72,000 to Rs.65,200.

The iPhone SE has also gotten a price cut and now the 32GB variant which was previously available for Rs.27,200 will now cost you Rs. 26,000. However, it can’t be guaranteed that Apple will assemble all the iPhone SE units in India. Apple also has slashed the prices of the iPhone 6S which can now be purchased at Rs.46,900 compared to the Rs.50,000 price tag it came with before.

India has now become an extremely important market for Apple, as it can be noted that Apple CEO Tim Cook told India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi, that Apple is positive about the production of the iPhone SE in Bengaluru, India, and they can further see huge growth in the country.

Apple previously this year began initial test production of the iPhone SE in their India facility, along with its App Accelerator program to provide specialised support to app developers.

Apart from the above Apple has also gone ahead and slashed the prices of many of its products including the Apple Watch. This according to experts will help Apple get a strong foothold in the Indian market, where Apple only has a 3 percent market share by volume and an 11 percent share by value.

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