Apple’s newly launched iOS 10 beta on fire!

Apple iOS 10 Beta

The latest version of operating system is available to download for iPads and iPhones. Apple’s new launched iOS 10 beta has been packed with innumerable changes for the rough usage of tablets and phones but nevertheless it is a hope that it will turn out the best in the market. After redesigning the iPhone and iPad lock screen, the slide to unlock option has been replaced with modern unlock instructions, press home to open and all the additional features like the ability to wake iPhone and fixing all common minute issues when the fast touch ID home button is pressed.

iOS 10

Reasons why you should upgrade your operation system to iOS 10

The latest operating system of Apple iOS 10 has brought multiple enthralling features and applications that have been redesigned taking into account all the tremors faced the last time. The Siri, Maps, the music, photos, and News applications have been upgraded to a new level. One of the biggest advantages in iOS 10 is that developers have designed applications that have let users interact directly with applications just by speaking. Now, Whatsapp, we chat, slack, Skype, Runtastic, are the applications that support Siri which has opened up to the third party developers. The upgrade has allowed the users to express themselves more vividly which allows links from web that appears in the conversation and can use emoticons at one tap. The emoticons are now three times larger and it can even replace the usage of words and also to add animations in the messages, the users can also take help of the bubble effects. It has the ability to delete pre embedded applications on the user’s phone and can hide compass, voice messages, stocks that were unavailable the last time. One of the disadvantages that have been noticed this time is the iOS security that has been raised to a next level making it rootless. It will even prevent administrative level users to access certain protected files on apple devices. The iCloud voicemail has been improved after the upgrade. In the upgrade, the siri itself can talk to the callers and convert the voicemail messages into text and get in saved in iCloud. It will inform the callers why is the recipient is unable to receive calls and location of the recipient. It also has a new feature called home application where the user can control and organize Home-kit enabled technologies and connected devices from Mac computers and iPhones by virtual rooms and turn on or off to adjust the devices from a single place accordingly. The upgrade has unlocked new benefits in Apple Music where it has better clarity of music and simplicity of rich sound. It is even made easier to navigate through the list of music and also has customizable control center where setting time is made easier, deactivation of Wi-Fi, controlling Bluetooth, etc.

There are few disadvantages that have been noticed in the upgrade version of Apple’s iOS 10 beta. As we have already mention about the rootless system of the security to make iOS more secure than ever before but sometimes it can even be a drawback for many users. This might be the one reason where people might not chose iOS 10. It has poor battery life, touch screen is quite unresponsive, the game center doesn’t work and slow Wi-Fi connection has been noticed. |

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