ASUS Zenbo

Will you let a robot live with you?

Asus launched the Zenbo, an artificially intelligent robot, at Computex 2016. Think of Zenbo as a smart companion that enables robotic computing for every household. The motive of Zenbo a home robot is to provide assistance, entertainment, and companionship to people.

Thanks to star wars robots bb 8 and r2d2 a large audience envisages to own their personal robot butlers therefore the Asus Zenbo makes it possible to have these robotic technologies at an affordable price.

It has a range of capabilities - It can connect to your home appliances making the smart home appliances smarter, it can also interact with you just like amazon echo. Zenbo is a perfect example of a robot butler who responds to every individual's demand by face recognition and gives people proactive reminders. The Asus Zenbo also looks out for the user if in an emergency by notifying the individual's respective contacts about his/her situation, basically it does everything that is needed to become an all time home companion.

asus zenbo

The robot being a multi-tasker companion can be of use to everyone in the house -


What’s better and more engaging than a robot reading out books,singing to your kids and not just that but also take tests!


From football scores to social media notifications the zenbo indeed excels at being a teenager’s favourite.


Important appointment reminders,providing recipes and controlling home appliances it does everything to keep an individuals mind at peace.


It can help the elders of the house by giving them their regular medicine reminders. It also has a SOS feature that instantly notifies the contacts about a mishap and also lets them make an emergency call.

Similar products in the market

There are a lot of similar products like the Jibo, personal robot, etc. But all of them are available at high prices. Unlike the Zenbo most of them either can't move or can't talk back to you.

Availability of the Zenbo

It will be available to the regular public to buy in 9 - 12 months for the price of $599.

Privacy Issues

People will think that they will have a lot of privacy issues with such a device like having data leaks, recording of your voice commands, etc. but what they have to understand is that all that can happen through their mobile devices also which is at instances also being done like google recording all your voice commands that you give via the OK Google command.



  1. Cheap
  2. One robot, multiple house chores
  3. Personal Assistance
  4. Provides instant aid during an emergency


  1. Every smart home device can be accessed through Zenbo if hacked.
  2. There are chances that data can be leaked and sold.
  3. All the household appliances can be affected with malware if the zenbo is affected.


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