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Solocam: Our View

Selfie Sticks were the talk of the market when somebody thought to rebrand the monopod that was used for a camera and make it into a stick that will help you take your images of yourself from your mobile, now we see that a new player is trying to up the game and taking the selfie stick to a new level, and moreover the Solocam is a Selfie Stick that might actually carry some value.


Solocam is a selfie stick that helps to improve the quality of your video by helping you to stabilize your video with the help of a very good quality monopod and also going the next step and providing more value for the people by providing a much larger grip for people to hold the solocam and also on that grip having a studio microphone that improves the quality of your audio and gives you a much better option to record audio than rather having to record audio from your not so good microphone on your mobile device.

The Solocam which provides you to record better with a stable camera and a electronically movable stand which rotates your phone in the direction you want for the video, switches between front and the back camera from a remote on the stick, a studio quality microphone in a single package. The Solocam starts from  $49 and goes upto $149.


Solocam Users

Freelance Journalists - The journalists who do not have so much funds to have so many funds as to always have a cameraman with them.


Media - Media is always covering some news or the other and they cannot always have a cameraman available at hand.


Wannabe Youtubers - People who want to become youtubers, vloggers, etc.

And Many More…

Solocam Benefits

The Solocam benefits all the markets in various ways like for the emerging markets it helps to develop the technological infrastructure, for developed markets it creates an opportunity to cut the costs and record at all times and push out news to their viewer base.

The solocam also benefits people who aspire to start a YouTube channel and start putting up good quality videos, for media startups they can cut costs and record by themselves, so it is a good product that people will like to own.

Quotes from people

“The mid-tier model which comes for $99 will suit me the best as i would love an HD Microphone for my production”
Karan Arora - Beetelbite.com

I would buy that one to tell my friends about parties i attended and invite them also or make personal vlogs to remind me of places i have visited later on”

Lalit Wadhwa - College Student

“I would like to go for the solocam plus as it is a better option for everyone, and just at $149 it will be coined as a great investment for me as it would be my studio on the go”

Sukhad Sharma - Revtechno.com


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