Best productivity apps for the Nexus 7

The Most Productive Apps for the Nexus 7

It’s easy to find the top games for a Nexus 7, the best image editors or compare where to download the best TV and video, but how about when you’re looking for things that actually make your Smartphone that little bit more useful? If you’re after an organizer  planner or the ultimate source of news, the internet can become a pretty lonely place. It seems, more often than not, we forget just how powerful our tablets are, and that we rarely use them to their best advantage. To get the most out of your Nexus 7, download and benefit from some of these really useful apps.

 OfficeSuite Pro 7

Perfect for those who need to amend and view documents from anywhere, OfficeSuite Pro allows you to open, create, modify, print and share Word, Excel and PowerPoint files on the go. It also allows you to view PDF files and is in HD, making it the perfect mobile office for the Nexus 7. Packed full of features, the only down side is the office is now literally with you wherever you go.


For members of Dropbox, their app is the perfect addition to gain cloud storage access from anywhere with an internet connection. Those that aren’t signed up should jump on the bandwagon immediately. Dropbox means all your images, documents, videos and songs are safe and secure, and can still be accessed even if you lost all your gadgets. It’s the perfect accompaniment to the expansive features of the Nexus, meaning you can download until your heart’s content without worrying about storage.


This used to be called Read It Later, and is a handy little app for those that regularly browse the net for articles or who use their Smartphone for heavy content use. Pocket allows you to save pretty much anything you find online, including videos and images, until you have the time to read it. It’s great to prepare plenty of reading material for long commutes or over coffee breaks, and you can even view saved content offline, saving on data usage.  The easy to navigate and crystal clear images compliments the high res of the Nexus 7 perfectly.

BBC News

For the ultimate collection of news across the world, BBC has an expansive app which will continuously keep you up to date with current affairs. Not only do you benefit from the latest global news from first class journalists, you can also personalise your feed to include your preferences, such as technology, international or business news. BBC also has a selection of home screen widgets which makes it perfect for use on Android tablets, giving you truly personal and up to the minute news.


For ultimate productivity, opt for the speed and performance of Chrome browser. Its enhanced functions mean a better, faster browsing performance, perfect for the high-end specification and crisp screen of the Nexus 7. Not only will a better browser make a better experience, it also means you can easily use multi-tab browsing, faster downloading and a simpler user experience which will enhance your overall productivity. Plus, it just looks and feels that little bit better.


If you need to manage your money that bit better then Mint is a great tool which will help you control your finances.  The best thing about this app is it’s simple enough to use for those who want a basic understanding of where there money is going (probably to the local pub), yet contains enough advanced features that those who have multiple accounts and finances can enjoy complete control over their accounts on the go.


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