Choose The Best Free WordPress Theme For Your Website

How To Choose The Best Free WordPress Theme For Your Website

Selecting the right WordPress theme for your website can prove to be slightly trickier, than what it might appear to be at first glance. The sheer volume of themes available on the web can confuse you just a bit – while you might also be led into thinking that only the paid (premuim) themes are actually suitable for business websites. That, however, is not the case – at least during the initial phases of your web design schemes. We will here give you a brief rundown of the factors that you need to consider, To choose the best free WordPress theme for your website :

i) Compatibility with SEO regulations – Go for a theme that would allow you to ensure that the overall website design remains SEO-friendly. You should be easily able to incorporate tables, frames and CSS stylesheets on the theme, so that the website can be easily 'crawled' by the search engine bots. Viewers would prefer a neat, uncluttered website theme too!

ii) Navigation options – Lots of fancy drop-down menus, animated tabs and concealed links – can you guess what a WordPress theme with all these can result in? That's right – a large number of totally confused visitors! Keep the bounce rate of your website as low as possible, by choosing a theme that has simple, systematic, clutter-free navigation features. People should never face any difficulties while browsing to the different sections of the website.

iii) Check the coding – Smart website development requires proper coding (HTML, Javascript, etc.) - and you must pay due attention to this factor, while choosing a website theme. Make sure that you have a proper idea of the codes that have been used in the free theme of your choice. Troubleshooting, as and when required, will become a whole lot easier!

iv) Scalability – Choosing the theme is one of the very first things, in the process of web design & development. However, as your business expands in its scope, modifications in the web pages, as well as addition of new pages would become necessary. Find out if the WordPress theme that has caught your fancy offers adequate flexibility and scalability options. You don't want to be stuck with a static website, right? Find out more about the importance of scalable website themes – right here!

v) Monetization options – It's a business website you are looking to create – and hence, monetizing it should feature prominently in your website development plans. Make sure that the theme you choose has proper, adequate places for putting up ads. The advertisements should never come into the main content area either.

vi) Placement of social media widgets – Your business website simply has to be connected with the different social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). Find out if such social media widgets can be easily placed on the side/bottom section of the WordPress theme you choose. If insertion of the widgets requires elaborate changes in the coding, look for an alternative option. Click here to get more information on the importance of social media in business.

Vii) Avoid themes that are too common – You will find certain themes that have been listed to be the most popular. Be wary while choosing any such theme. Unless your website design services expert so recommends, staying away from such themes would be advisable. You don't want your website to bear an uncanny resemblance with that of your competitors, right?

Viii) Make sure that adequate support services are available – Merely choosing a free WordPress theme is not all there is to do – when you plan to launch a website. Make sure that the theme comes with advanced technical support services. You are probably new in the world of online marketing – and, in the absence of proper support, your website design plans can go for a toss.

In addition, make sure that the WordPress theme you choose does not have any provision for hidden links/texts. Do not go by the appearance of the home page only, and check the other, deep-linked pages too. The theme should also be fluid, so that your website remains easily viewable on all types of mobile handsets, tablets, PDAs and other handheld devices. A free WordPress theme can work just fine for your website – provided you keep the above factors in mind while choosing it.

Hope This Article Helped you choose the best free WordPress theme for your website.

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