Christmas Shopping: Mobiles, Gadgets, and much more

Christmas Shopping

There was a time when you couldn't say "Consumer Electronics" without talking about a Japanese Firm in the talk.Now, you will be hard-pressed to find Sony, Panasonic, Sharp products among the popular items people are lining up to buy this Christmas Season.

These Firms are the hardest hit in the smartphones. While Apple and Samsung Battle it out in the courts for patents and in the market for customers, the Japanese are nowhere to be seen surprisingly.
This is Surprising for us because before the whole world could know the capabilities of smartphones the Japanese were using the digital money on their phones to make purchases, Monthly passes for buses and trains, and YES they had Infrared(If anybody remembers), Bluetooth, NFC also before anyone.

The smartphones have now reached into many different sectors to grab customers - from digital cameras, Portable Gaming Machines, To PDAs, All areas where Japanese Companies had a lead.

But their falling behind in the phone fight is only symptomatic of a general virus that has affected their companies.

Sony had launched an e-book reader before Amazon could even think of it. - Karan Arora

Why A Decline in the Japanese Product Domination?

Japanese had the best innovators in the market which grew by time and then to innovate copying takes less time and so did the other countries do they copied Japan and made products similar to their products but at a cheaper cost so people liked to buy other companies products.

Japan also lose its management system to the American Management System which was Trending at that time and it could not recover by the time it came back to the old management system.

And yes the Economy moved towards software and internet driven ecosystem which means no care of hardware has to be taken as much as the software. Which gave the lead to Google, Apple, Samsung and so on and on.... this movement has even left NOKIA also back.


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