Cortana Coming to Android and iOS

Today Microsoft confirmed the longest running rumor related to Cortana, Microsoft’s Voice Assistant. Stating that Cortana is coming to Android and iOS, that to as soon as June’s end.


Cortana is the answer given by Microsoft to Google’s Google Now and Apple’s Siri. Cortana is a much more well featured and better integrated voice assistant than the competition, and some websites have also stated “Cortana is the Best Voice Assistant out of all the other competition”. Cortana currently only being available on Windows Phone and Windows 10 makes you have to buy a windows phone or install the Windows 10 Preview on your PC. Microsoft has also acknowledged, That to make Cortana a truly competitive Voice Assistant they have to go ahead and make sure, that it runs on the most used platforms in the world, and those are Android and iOS.

 Here is what Microsoft Stated –


We feared that because Cortana was just going to be another App you could download onto your Android or iOS Device, it will be lacking the seamless integration that it comes with on the Windows Phone or with Windows 10. But, Microsoft has assured us that Cortana for Android and iOS will do most of the things that it can do on your Windows Phone or PC. We know for sure that Cortana for iOS and Android will set reminders, bring you updates, etc. but Cortana’s functionality will be limited as due to not being capable for fully integrating with your phone it may not be able to change your settings, and that kind of stuff that needs full integration with the operating system. And moreover as far the rumors suggest that you will not be able to use Cortana via Voice Command, that means you won’t be able to say Hey Cortana to start making Cortana hear to you.


The first ever view of Cortana for iOS and Android that you can preview will be debuting in late June, as stated by Microsoft.

While Microsoft did not mention anything about having Cortana preinstalled in any device, but we are hoping that Cortana comes in the package that all future Cyanogen Devices will have, Due to the deal that Cyanogen and Microsoft made. We also know that Cyanogen requests it’s partners to keep mum until they launch the next version or the next update of the OS, just as they did with True Caller. and, We hope that Cyanogen brings full integration with Cortana including the Hot Word Detection.


This new Route taken by Microsoft is a bold move by the Company showing that it recognises the pre existing companies in the game and is wanting to embrace them. And moreover this will also get Google and Apple to up their game or else their Voice Assistants will be wiped off.

What do you think about this bold move that Microsoft has made be sure to tell us in the comments below.

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