Kingston MobileLite Wireless Review

The Kingston MobileLite Wireless is an accessory that lets you stream all of your multimedia content from your memory cards, Pen Drives, Etc. to all of your mobile devices through Wi-Fi, and today we get to review it.

The MobileLite Wireless does not come with in-built storage outside the box, but it allows the users to use their own storage devices such as a USB drive and a microSD/SD card storage up to 2TB, which is great as you can add any quantity of memory that you like and own.

What comes inside the box?

  1. The Crown Jewel itself The Kingston MobileLite Wireless itself.
  2. A microUSB-to-USB cable for connecting it to your computer or to charge any gadget with a microUSB Port.
  3. Also comes in the box is a microSD card adapter, so that you can insert and use a microSD card also with the Kingston MobileLite Wireless.

Kingston MobileLite Wireless


At first sight, You would make up that the Kingston MobileLite Wireless is a extra portable external hard drive. It manages to have a compact form and can very easily slip into your back pocket though it is thicker than most of the modern phones.

Kingston MobileLite Wireless

It is a very light device clocking at just 98 grams, and believe me when i received the review unit i thought the previous person had opened it up and taken out some parts but i soon realized that it does not come with inbuilt storage out of the box.

The right side of the device sports the SD card reader slot, While the left side houses both the microUSB and USB ports. The edge at the bottom of the features the power key and a reset button o that if the device is behaving weird then you can push the reset button with a pin, at first i thought that the reset hole was some kind of indicator light for the power button. There also are three LED Light indicators on top panel for Power, wireless  and internet connectivity respectively.

Kingston MobileLite Wireless

How to Setup

Setting up The Kingston MobileLite Wireless is a fairly simple process. You just need to turn on the device from the power switch by holding the switch for 3-5 seconds and then opening up the application on your smart device that will make the MobileLite Wireless show up as an Wi-Fi access point in your smart device.

Simply connect the MobileLite Wireless to your device and configure it through the Kingston MobileLite App.

You can just go ahead and insert a SD card or a Pen Drive onto the device. The app is a gateway to device enabling you to access all the data from the SD Card or the Pen Drive that you have inserted into the device. We tried adding a 500GB WD External Hard Drive from the USB Port and it worked just like magic. It is nice to have all of your stored content available to you on your smart device without having to store it locally on the smart device itself.

You can still also stay connected to the internet via Wi-Fi, which is great as you do not have to compromise your WiFi capabilities to connect to this device. The App prompts you to select a WiFi Network that you want to connect to. A password can also be set so that not everybody in the vicinity is using your data and WiFi if connected.

Kingston MobileLite Wireless

The Application

The Application simply is amazing. The design of the Application is minimalistic and looks and operates very smoothly and easily. It just works like a charming and really neatly designed File Explorer for your phone when your phone is connected to the MobileLite Wireless.

How to Use

To use this device –
  1. Turn the device On.
  2. Open The App in any Smart Device.
  3. Connect.
  4. You are done, now enjoy browsing your data.


A lot of portable gadgets currently do not offer expandable storage, Which includes Apple and some Android Devices. Some Android devices do support adding a USB drive into the MicroUSB slot but for that you need an OTG Cable or a USB drive that supports the microUSB standard.

With the MobileLite Wireless, you can have easy access to any USB drive or microSD or SD card on your Smart Device, You can stream multimedia content and open and share various files on all your smart devices that have access to the MobileLite Wireless at high speeds. It is specifically useful with The Apple Products since they do not support any type of external storage.

Kingston MobileLite Wireless


Kingston MobileLite Wireless also rocks a 1,810mAh battery so that means you do not need a power socket to start up the Wi-Fi Capabilities of the Device. The 1,810mAh battery also doubles as a powerbank so that you can charge your devices anywhere where you are stuck without a charge and without a socket, and believe me as an Apple User you definitely need all the extra charge that you can get from anywhere. Oh, And also for those of you guys who keep on losing their memory card readers just Connect it to a PC Voila! you have an SD card reader as well.

Kingston MobileLite Wireless


  • Inputs for Storage USB and SD – reads SD, SDHC, SDXC and microSD (with included adaptor)
  • Supported File Systems FAT, FAT32, NTFS, exFAT
  • Dimensions 124.8mm x 59.9mm x 17.3mm; 4.9134″ x 2.3583″ x 0.6811″
  • Weight 98g > Wireless Network Interface Wi-Fi 802.11g/n with wireless security (WPA2)
  • Rechargeable Battery up to 5 hours of continuous use
  • Battery Built-in rechargeable Li-ion 1810 mAh 3.8v battery
  • Local Storage wirelessly transfer files to and from the MobileLite Wireless app and the MobileLite Wireless hardware
  • Camera Roll support allows users to move photos from their mobile device to MobileLite Wireless in order to free up space
  • Cable USB to micro-USB cable included
  • Operating Temperature 0°C to 40°C
  • Storage Temperature -10°C to 45°C
  • Guaranteed one-year warranty, free technical support
  • Customisable Device Name (SSID) User selectable Wi-Fi priority list when there are multiple APN/Key available
  • File Support MobileLite Wireless can store any file type. Playback and viewing are based on the files supported by the mobile device.
  • General file format support – Audio: MP3, WAV – Video : m4V, mp4 (H. 264 video codec) – Image: jpg, tif – Document: pdf


  • Works on Multi Platforms
  • Wireless Reading at High Speeds
  • Supports Multi User
  • Versatile
  • Doubles Up as a Battery Bank


  • No Inbuilt Storage
  • Low Capacity Battery


We would definitely Recommend The Kingston MobileLite Wireless for a normal person.

At a price of Rs 4,500 on the Gen 2 model it is a handy accessory to have, particularly if you own any i Device.

It is not too expensive comparing it with the current options available. It also lets you access any external storage device with capacities up to 2TB and also doubles as a portable charger in any situation where it is needed.

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