Crucial SEO strategies for optimized Mobile Website Development


People are increasingly turning to Smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices for performing web searches in order to find information, make purchases or stay connected. A large number of businesses are opting for mobile website development to tap the consumer base that prefers to access information on the go. At the same time, it has also become imperative to optimize mobile websites for mobile search engines.

We need to remember that mobile search engines exhibit search results in a manner different from the search engines of desktops. It is obvious that preference is given to those websites which are optimized to suit the small screens and make room for convenient loading and viewing. Here we bring to you some of the crucial SEO strategies that should be considered for designing a website optimized for mobile search.

  • Understand the target market: Failing to comprehend how your target audience conduct searches on their mobile devices may lead your website to experience poor visibility in terms of mobile searches. The fundamental principle of any sort of marketing revolves around understanding what your potential and existing customers want. Regarding mobile SEO, one needs to understand how the fundamental search patterns of users vary when they shift from desktop to mobile in terms of searching.
  • Keep Keywords Short: It is a known fact that while full keywords are typed in for desktop searches, mobile users often tend to be in a hurry and enter shorter keywords or phrases for mobile search engines. So far as mobiles are concerned, users might find it cumbersome to enter long keywords using keypads or touch screens. While a couple of word search queries may prove to be very competitive, capturing this market is critical for an enhanced presence on Smartphones, tablets, etc.
  • Target Predictive Phrases: Many mobile users have the tendency to leverage the in-built dictionaries of their devices in order to complete the words after they have typed in some of the first letters, in order to save time and effort. For an optimized mobile website development, it is advisable to target those phrases or words which pop up in the form of predictions which performing searches on mobile devices. Then you will indeed have a much better chance of coming up amongst the few high ranked results on the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).
  • Submit the Mobile Website: In order to ensure that good deal of quality traffic comes from the mobile searches, you need to go for particular mobile search engines for submission of your mobile optimized site. It is indeed a great thing if you are listed in Google and will easily be visible in Google searches, you should also consider some of the other mobile engines.

An interesting fact is that when your users are searching in desktop, the first page will display 10 of the topmost results. But if the users are searching in mobile devices, they will generally see around two or three results that come up on the first page and do not go beyond that. So, in mobile devices, you should aim for a position amongst the top 3 results, and that is why appropriate SEO strategies are all the more crucial.                         

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With the mobile fever engulfing the majority of the world population, businesses are rapidly adopting the mobile trend to become visible to a maximum portion of the client base. Take a tour with Hema Gupta across the different domains of mobile solutions like mobile website development, mobile SEO strategies, application development and more. She is an internet marketing professional and has authored many blogs on web solutions.

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