EaseUS Data Recovery – Review

EaseUS has a data recovery software that helps you recover your lost data which could have been deleted due to formatting, hard drive damage, accidental deletion, virus, etc.. And it can span from recovering files from your Hard Drive, Mobile, Digital Camera, Memory Card Recovery and many more. Today we will be reviewing the free version of the EaseUS data recovery software, and will be seeing if it is worth your time and effort or not.


EaseUS Data Recovery

We like the idea of recovering data that was lost due to an accident, but the thing is that we could not find anything so reliable that we would want to introduce that thing to you guys and have a half cooked article just for the sake of it. We were recommended a lot by people to use the EaseUS Data Recovery software and here are our thoughts about how is the software and should you use it or not.

The EaseUS Data Recovery software is one of the best data recovery software we at Beetel Bite have ever used. Moreover, it is very easy to use so as even a kid can even recover a file he/she lost.

How To Use The Software

Step 1

Startup the EaseUS Data Recovery Software, and Select the Type of files that need to be recovered.


Step 2

Select the Disk from which you want to recover the data, and then click scan. The software will then scan your data. If you lost a drive then click on lost disk drive and then hit scan.


Step 3

After the scan is completed, all the lost recoverable files are previewed. Select the files you want recovered and then click recover. Now when the software shows completed you should have all your files recovered.



We found that the software really works without a miss and helped us a lot during our time of testing out the software, our team loved how simple the software is to use and how much effective it is. we loved the product and would definitely recommend for you guys to use the software. EaseUS Data Recovery is one amongst the best recovery tools you can use.


  • Easy to use
  • Reliable
  • Fast
  • Recovers all kinds of Data
  • A Powerful Tool


  • The free version only allows 2 GB of Data to be recovered

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