How to Unbrick any Android Device

Unbrick Android with your PC

Well, sometimes it happens that while flashing your phone your Android Device tends to get bricked due to various reasons, but Don't worry we are going to teach you how to Unbrick Android Devices very easily.

How do you know your device is bricked?

  1. Device Gets into a boot loop, and never ends up in the Home screen.
  2. Device Shuts down and boot un occasionally.
  3. Device is Really Hot and is in Deep sleep.
  4. Device lets you to the Recovery Mode.
  5. Device shows Downloading mode
  6. You can see Any or what so ever display on the screen.

An Android Device will only be called Bricked if it behaves like a Brick.

So to continue further we must know and confirm that is your device Bricked or not. So if you are bricked then Right away skip to the UnBricking Section of this post.

Remember A bricked device has no response to what so ever stimuli we may take in consideration.

LG Optimus L7 Bricked

Lets decide if you have a bit of life left in your Android device

The following are some Procedures to know if your device is something better than a brick. and if you have some response from your device. and getting some response is far much better than brick. Try each and every things here to know what is actually with your device.

  • Take Battery Off your device and rub the terminals with your hands.
    Now place the battery back into the Device.
    Try to Boot.
    If you feel a Vibration that means your Recovery is somewhere the problem.
  • Try to get into Recovery of your device.
    If you get there then try to flash a custom ROM or at least backup all your data.
    You can Remove Delvic Cache and format System and factory reset.
    Try rebooting
  • If you See your manufacturer logo that means that you are in a Boot Loop and to get out of there you can try re flashing your Custom Recovery.
  • Connect your device to PC.
    If the PC Reads and responds to your device then you can easily download SDK tool Kits for android and through adb you can control adn flash your device with another recovery.

Well If these Work For you then its Great But If not then just Buckle up and read further.

How to Unbrick your Android Device


There is no single way to Unbrick your device, Its Just like trying to get a Human out to consciousness. You dont know what to do So you do everything to get it right. Dont miss anything and try everything possible you can do here.

 Getting out of the Boot Loop

Use this method if your android device is stuck in any bootloop

  • Shut down / turn off your phone.
  • Boot into Recovery mode – hold down the volume down button and then press the power button does it.
  • Use volume keys to navigate the menus, and power button to select the menu items.
  • Scroll down to “Advanced”.
  • Choose “Wipe Dalvik Cache” option.
  • Return to the main screen.
  • Choose “Wipe Cache Partition”.
  • Choose “Wipe Data / Factory Reset” to delete all your settings and apps, using the correct ROM.
  • Reboot your device.

Unbrick Android

How to flash bricked Android device using Odin

This will tell you how to flash your bricked android device using odin. this is specifically ofr Samsung devices, as they use odin as a primary source for flashing and rooting their device.

  • Download the stock firmware of your phone.
  • Download Odin from your favorite source.
  • Extract
  • Load Download Mode ( Volume Up key + Home key + Power key ).
  • Connect USB cable to your PC.
  • Remove and reinsert the device battery.
  • Hold down Volume Up and Volume Down keys.
  • Insert USB cable into your device.
  • Click Start in Odin.
  • Run Odin.exe.
  • Check “auto-reboot”-uncheck all options.
  • Click PDA and select the TAR you downloaded.
  • Tap device button and choose the file named “MODEM”-if the file is missing ignore.
  • Hit CSC button and choose the file named “CSC”-ignore if absent.
  • Hit PIT button and choose the .pit file.
  • Enable Auto Reboot and Reset Time options in ODIN.
  • Choose the files to be flashed or installed on your device.
  • Hit Start in ODIN.
  • The handset auto reboots. Done.

Unbrick any android device with Once Click Unbrick tool

Now this is the thing which you will have to do when everything above fails and you don’t know what to do. We will  be using a software to unbrick your android device. This tool is really very efficient in what it says.

Follow the step by step procedure to use One Click Unbrick Tool and unbrick your android device.

  • Head on to the Official Website and download Java for your PC to make the software work.
    You have to do this if Java is not already installed on your PC.
  • Download One Click Unbrick Tool for android.
  • Now extract these files.
  • Right-click on the One-Click.jar file, move down to option “7-zip” and then select “Extract to OneClick”.
  • Now you will get a ‘OneClick’ folder.
  • Now copy ‘OneClick.jar’ file and paste it into the ‘OneClickheimdalloneclickresourcesHeimdallPackage’ folder.
  • Right-click on ‘oneclickloader.exe’ file and choose ‘Run as Administrator’.
  • Proceed with the installation of Heimdall.
  • After the installation is complete, you will see the the One-Click UnBrick interface.
  • Now you can connect your device to your PC and then click on the unsoft brick button to continue the process.

This is how we can unbrick a bricked android device easily.


If everything fails just contact your manufacturers service center and tell them any fake story that can be realistic and tell them to find the problem or tell me whats wrong. By my personal experience I can actually say that 70% of the time service centers are unable to find the flaw and are unable to identify that its a rooted and a bricked device both at the same time. So they will surely give you a replacement in a short amount of time. You will have to be patient of course, as you are giving your device a second bonus life without even spending a penny over it.


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