Five Ways Your Phone Can Make You a More Efficient Person

Five Ways Your Phone Can Make You a More Efficient Person

Five Ways Your Phone Can Make You a More Efficient PersonWasting time on your phone playing mindless games is unproductive and may affect your ascent up the company ladder. You can change that wasted time into productive and efficient activities that stimulate your mind and improve your standing at work. Here are five ways your phone can you more efficient.


Network Your Contacts

Enter all your professional contacts into your phone, including their social media user names. Being active on several social media sites allows you to stay in your clients' view for possible sales and networking opportunities. Even if the contact is relatively casual, keeping up with your friends and colleagues is critical for professional advancement.


Use the Calendar

Most phones, such as Blackberry phones from, have a calendar and accompanying alarms. Keep your personal and professional appointments on schedule by setting alarms. Your phone rings or vibrates when an important event approaches. You are more efficient if you know what is expected of you each day, allowing you to be punctual for all your critical projects.


Email at Your Fingertips

Important job offers or professional contacts often use email as a way to communicate extensive information that is difficult to discuss over a phone call. Instead of searching for a computer with Internet access, simply access your email on your phone. Whether you are using a cellular site or a local wireless internet provider, you can read your email almost anywhere with a signal.


Don't Get Lost

Phones have maps and GPS to guide you through unfamiliar territory. Don't miss a friend's party or a client's lunch by using your phone's GPS technology. Some phones actually guide you with a voice command, or you can simply read the map to find your way. You enhance your efficiency by staying on time for events, especially if they are on the same day.


Download Those Apps

Apps, or applications, are available for your phone that help your memory. Devised as games, memory apps increase your retention to help your efficiency at work and home. If you forget client's names, for example, memory apps help you retain their names longer than the one hour meeting. Improve your standing at work by learning a new language through apps. Being bilingual in the workplace is a critical skill on your resume.

With technology at your fingertips, you increase your efficiency without much effort. Punctual and reliable people are often seen as more valuable in the workplace, allowing you to earn more money and learn new skills. Your phone is a critical device for your success.


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