Giving Authority

Power Of Authority

We are hereby giving the authority to post to everyone who has ever subscribed or is going to Subscribe By just signing up

To Sign Up For an Author Account You have to just have to press sign up on the right below the search bar, and after that you have the Authority to make new Posts, and with Posts you now also have the option to give back links to your website for free under the posts.



With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

We All Know that with great power there also comes responsibility which is to become a good citizen and to remain one giving you all such power does not mean that you spam people with fake articles or spam links or anything of that sort. And if you do so it will not be tolerated and your IP address would be immediately be banned from the website and the post will be removed so be careful.






Hope You respect your authority and will be a good citizen at Beetel Bite.

We are really looking forward to reading your posts which will help us and the readers of this blog.

And finally remember the mantra Don’t Spam.

Beetel Bite

Beetel Bite is a Blog, which provides Technological news, reviews, tutorials, Product analysis, Computer Tips and Tricks and every detail on the latest Technology

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