Google to release a new YouTube application for India

Google on Tuesday announced that it would be rolling out a newly designed YouTube mobile application for India. This is a step from Google's side to make YouTube more accessible in India where the people do not have the best internet connection speeds, than rest of the world.

New YouTube Application from Google


This new application was long overdue from YouTube. As for the last few months, Google had been conducting extensive testing of the YouTube Go app in India. The YouTube Go application allowed the users to save videos offline and decrease the data used by them while streaming.

Now, Alphabet let Google has released a beta version of this new application in the Google Play Store. This application is now available in developing markets like India for testing.

new yotube app

Industry analysts have said that this surge of video streaming in India, was single-handedly done with the help of Reliance Jio. Due to Jio providing free data people were streaming videos more and more. But, as all good things do Jio will have to leave giving free services and become a paid service provider. Thus leaving everyone craving new video content, Google saw an opportunity here and developed a new YouTube app which uses less internet.

The final application as per Google will help users discover trending videos in their regions while minimizing data usage.

Why India

Every tech company in silicon valley has been regarding India, as a prime location to test out their new products. And with the 1.3 billion people living in India, we cannot disregard it. Google also said that they wanted to build a newer app for India, rather than releasing a watered down version of their primary application.



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